12 Quotes from The Broken Way, by Ann Voskamp

I read Ann Voskamp’s first book – One Thousand Gifts – way back in 2012. I remember not only being mesmerized by it as I read it, but carrying it in my heart months and years after. It was an inspiring book about giving thanks and finding the true and the excellent in the small moments of life.

That same winter when I read the book, I started experimenting with design, playing with blocks of color and text. Ann’s writing inspired me, so I made a few simple graphics with my favorite quotes.

The post, including the graphics is still here: Ann Voskamp Quotes.

I might cringe at my design choices looking back, but the truthfulness and beauty of her words still stand, because they point to the Truth – Jesus.

This winter, I just finished Ann’s latest book: The Broken Way. Once again, her writing and deep faith inspired me. To live a life of gratitude and giving, and to put some of my favorite quotes into graphics I can share with you.

I hope they stir the same desire in you, to pour out your life at the feet of Christ, by pouring it out into others.

10 Christmas Books to Read in December

gribook christmas books
Reading Christmas books is one of my favorite things to do in December.

It makes sense, when else would I read them? June? January? It’s just so fun to cuddle up in a blanket with a cup of tea or coffee, and read. Especially when it snows. Even if it doesn’t, there’s still something festive yet comforting about a good Christmas read.

How do you find those GOOD Christmas reads, though?
Every year, the challenge is the same. Most of the available titles out there are either Amish Romance or chick flicks. Nothing wrong with either, but you can only read so many of those before you simply cannot stomach another one. Maybe it’s just me.

This year, we’re also looking for a good Christmas book to read with our Women’s Book Club. Which is double the challenge, because we all read and enjoy very different kinds of books.

After doing some research, I came up with a list of titles that piqued my curiosity and will hopefully give us a good variety to pick from, for our December book club read. My criteria: lighthearted, clean and with a happy ending.

This list includes 10 book titles, with a picture of the book cover, a link to Amazon – most of them are great deals this time of the year! – a little comment about why I included it in this list and the description provided by Amazon.
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Books To-Reread in 2017


Tell me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are” is true enough, but I’d know you better if you told me what you reread.
~ François Mauriac

This phrase stuck with me. Made me ask what books I read. Not many, turns out. I do have my excuses: I’m still young and I want to read as many books as possible, not waste time on something I already read.

Lately though, I’m drawn to old favorites. I noticed I keep quoting and referring to them, so they obviously made quite the impact on me.  It is time for a refresher and I have high expectations reading them the second time around.
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2016 Reading Challenge Completed


I read a little over 60 books in 2016.

Granted, I had to sacrifice some sleep to read 4 novels in the last 10 days but I made it! Competitive? Not really. Terrified of the fact that if I don’t complete my challenge, Goodreads will not keep my 2016 books in a neat virtual bundle. This is probably some kind of OCD, but it sure is motivating!

Here’s the complete list, with links and ratings – entirely subjective, with rating explained at the end of this article – only reflecting my own personal opinion.

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My 2016 To-Read List


At the beginning of each year, I put together a list of books I want to read in the months to come.

209 books  – that’s the exact number of titles that are currently on my to-read list on Goodreads, and that’s beside the ones on my Amazon Wishlist (easily another hundred is my guess). I’ve narrowed that list down to 9 books, which is not an easy task, considering. What will happen to the other 200 titles? Call me a hopeless idealist, but I still intend to read them all. Eventually!

That being said, here are the 9 books on my 2016 to-read list:

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