Boy Meets Girl: The Book

I’ve a huge list of books to reread. And a tiny list of books that I have already reread.

Moving books from the first list unto the second happens rarely, as you can probably tell. But I have reread some books in my life. Like this one.

Boy Meets Girl,  by Joshua Harris.

The book made an impression on me the first time I read it. I made a note to self to read it again at an appropriate point in my life (i.e. engaged to a man I want to spend the rest of my life with).  As I’m at exactly this point in life, it seemed fit to go back to it. So this is the getting married: prep book #2.

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On Re-reading Books


I have a list of books that I want to re-read. This list is huge.

I have another list with books I’ve actually re-read. This list is tiny.

Even considering the staggering amount of NEW books out there, I have still managed to read a few books more than once. Although I’d be be surprised to have 10 books make the list, but I won’t go into detail. If you insist, however, I’ll write a later post with the lucky few. Please do insist.

So what determines a book’s chances to be read twice?

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Starting a Rev-EYRE-lution

Most of you have probably read Jane Eyre. Seen one of the movies. Heard about it. It’s one of the classics on the  Top 100 Must-Reads List, too.

I’ve re-read it recently.

Something stroke me as odd as soon as I opened the book. It was starting with chapter twenty-something. Not joking. Turned out I only bought Volume II. Before you think I’m a complete dork, you need to know that the bookshop didn’t even have Volume I.

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Getting Married: Prep Book #1


A bookworm is proposed marriage by the world’s most awesome guy. A bookworm accepts – whole-heartedly so. A bookworm puts the diamond ring on, cries for joy and can’t believe how very blessed she is.

What next?

Yes. A bookworm looks for books on pre-marital guidance.

I’m that happy bookworm and I’ve found quite a number of good getting married prep books. Better said – WE found the books – as my fiancé is a bit of a bookworm himself. I’ll be writing about a number of them in the course of the next few weeks.

Here’s the first.

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Nice Girls Don’t Change the World


The bigger a book, the better it is.


As some of you have suggested, I’ll write about one of my favourite, albeit small book. It’s not a book I read recently but one I re-read several times and plan to re-read again. Thank you for sharing your opinions – you made blogging a thrilling ride so far!

One of the key books in shaping my ideas on the roles of women is only 95 pages long. Probably even less than that: about 70 pages of pure text. Nope, it’s definitely not Anna Karenina.

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Dilemma Number One


I’m on my third blog post and already faced with a dilemma.

My intention is to blog about my experience reading books. The amount of books out there is staggering. My passion for reading is not likely to vanish unless I’m abducted by aliens and replaced with a non-bookworm version of me. It seems that I can’t possibly run out of writing material.

My dilemma is this: where do I start? What book do I write about first?

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my ultimate big read

Lists are fun.

Well, at least they’re fun for a list-o-maniac like me. A while ago, I embarked on a quest to find the best books that the human race has given birth to. That for two main reasons: in order to expand my to-read-list and to proudly add to my great-books-I HAVE READ-list.

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