Dilemma Number One


I’m on my third blog post and already faced with a dilemma.

My intention is to blog about my experience reading books. The amount of books out there is staggering. My passion for reading is not likely to vanish unless I’m abducted by aliens and replaced with a non-bookworm version of me. It seems that I can’t possibly run out of writing material.

My dilemma is this: where do I start? What book do I write about first?

Write about Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis?

This has to be my favourite book of all time written by my favourite author of all time. Yet there’s a risk: will I do it justice? I’m not naïve (arrogant?) enough to think that I’m good enough of a wordsmith to pen an excellent review of it.

I will review it at some point.  Please trust that it’s worth the wait and by all means read the book in the meanwhile if you get the chance.

Write about another of my Top 10 favourite books? 

I could share about another book that has made an impression on me and has been, in various ways, life-changing. I would preffer to ellaborate on my fondness of these books in later posts, after I’ve hit a few walls and learned a few lessons.

Write about a book picked at random?

Making an arbitrary pick and writing about it. Plan: go to my bookshelf – close my eyes – pick book at random – blog about randomly picked book.

Key word – random. That’s why this option makes me feel uneasy. You see, I like planning. I like justifying my choices in my head, even if it’s as random as a „I like the fact that the authors name starts with a B” justification.

Write about the latest review-worthy book I’ve read?

Sensible enough. Not too pretentious.

Maybe too modest to start with. Not guaranteed the boom-effect that will invite the book-reading-public to throw a glance at my blog – public that consists of more than my dearest fiancé and sister (who don’t really have a choice, I’m afraid)

A viable option, nonetheless.

Anyone has any other suggestions? What would you recommend I start with, fellow bookworm?


17 thoughts on “Dilemma Number One

      1. Lol.. 😀 A review on Albinuta would be interesting. Like a thank you note to the people who took the time to write a book and teach us all to read.


    1. hi there.

      Thanks for the link – I’m checking it out.

      thanks for the advice, too! I find that it’s more difficult for me to review a book I’ve just finished reading. My mind’s too full of it and I can’t narrow my thoughts down to a fairly short post 😀 I guess I get too excited about books 😀

      how about you? do you blog?


      1. I’m glad you find my advice helpful. 🙂

        I see that you are a Goodreads user, like myself. Did you ever made a review there? You could start from there. Or read other’s reviews.
        If no, think about how you’ll recommend/talk about some book to someone using few sentences describing the main ideas. Going from this, spice it up with emotions and details and it could be good for blogging. 😉

        Go girl!

        About your question, I was a quite accomplished blogger, but I’m not writting any more for less than a year. A little vacantion 😛


      2. Just added you on Goodreads – you’re my first female reading-friend on there 🙂

        thanks for being generous with your advice – it’s especially useful when it comes from experience. I saw you do Schimb de Carti – fun project, that.

        So why did you stop writing?


  1. I agree about starting with something that’s fresh in your mind. I noticed you finished Wild at Heart and I am VERY curious I am to learn about the book. I’d like to read it myself when I’m done with Disappointment with God by Philip Yancey.

    But I must say, I understand the dilemma.. As a designer I feel it every time I face a white sheet of paper and the freedom to do anything I want with it. I know you will write great stuff here and I will be checking your blog constantly.


    1. I did finish Wild at Heart and I will definitely write about it – it is a fascinating book.

      The creative process is always a bit risky – you look at the blank page and you take the risk of putting something on it, not always knowing what will come out of it or how good it will be. I do enjoy the thrill of seeing the end result and realising that it was worth taking the risk 🙂

      As a designer, you did an awesome job with gribook.me – thanks for being such a huge part of this.


      1. I use a little app called iA Writer for Mac, created by the awesome designers at iA. It’s the best I’ve tried so far. Check it out here, and make sure you watch the little video on the site: Link: http://www.iawriter.com/

        But I used WriteRoom for a while, it’s a great app too.


      2. thanks for the suggestion, Damian – I’ll give it a try. I think iA Writer is brilliant but, like you, I’m still on PC.


  2. If you don’t like random, don’t do random. Besides that, it won’t be random at all, as you nearly know where your books are placed on the shelf 🙂
    I would suggest you take your favorite book. Even if you did not “hit a few walls and learned a few lessons” before, you’ll make it during the process, because if you won’t like it, you’ll rewrite it until you will like it.


    1. Iulian – you’re right! I do know where most of my books are on my bookshelf, but not all 😀

      As for writing about favourite books – yeap, that’s the perfectionist in me coming out. You have a point there.


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