Nice Girls Don’t Change the World


The bigger a book, the better it is.


As some of you have suggested, I’ll write about one of my favourite, albeit small book. It’s not a book I read recently but one I re-read several times and plan to re-read again. Thank you for sharing your opinions – you made blogging a thrilling ride so far!

One of the key books in shaping my ideas on the roles of women is only 95 pages long. Probably even less than that: about 70 pages of pure text. Nope, it’s definitely not Anna Karenina.

Nice Girls Don’t Change the World, by Lynne Hybels.

Why did so tiny a book have so great an impact on me? I could try write another 70 pages to answer that, but two main reasons stand out.

SIMPLE. Lynne, the wife of the very influential Bill Hybels, is not trying to impress.  She’s raw, vulnerable, honest. Her story is extraordinary in some ways and ordinary in others. Doesn’t that describe your story, too? It certainly resembles mine. Lynne’s not writing for the shock-effect or to teach you how to live your life. She’s sharing her life journey with us with intricate simplicity.

REVOLUTIONARY. Lynne’s not a feminist, she’s just a woman who’s learned to be the person God created her to be.  She writes about her growing tired of being a nice girl.  I know, outrageous – a pastor’s wife is supposed to be a nice girl by definition, right? Well, here’s Lynne breaking that stereotype and it isn’t an easy endeavour by any means. She’s not being revolutionary by putting a spiritual spin on being mean. Not by glamourising a pastor’s wife role. Not by elevating the woman’s role above that of the man’s. But by allowing a revolution to happen in her heart, mind and soul. By proving that revolutions are not to be dreaded, but to be embraced.

Nice girls don’t change the world – downright dangerous women do.

So, yes.  Great ideas can be contained in small books, too. Nice Girls Don’t Change the World is one example. A simply revolutionary book I strongly recommend.

What are some short but good books you’ve read?



10 thoughts on “Nice Girls Don’t Change the World

  1. I’ll have to find this book while I am in the states!
    You write very well, Elena. Maybe you’ll be writing your own book someday; and us bookworms will read it.


    1. lol – thank you, Heidi 🙂 I like the fact that when you write, you can only get better at it 🙂
      You’re more that welcome to borrow the book when in Moldova. We can do book-swaps 🙂


  2. Lencik, m-ai intrigat și cu siguranță o citesc si eu, tare imi place cum scrii, esti bravo! Am devenit o cititoare fidela 🙂


    1. Constanta, multumesc 🙂 cu’atita feedback pozitiv – am sa m’apuc de citit si scris si mai intens – apoi nu mai scapati voi de mine 😀


  3. I’d like to thank you for reading this book to me this past spring. I would like us to do this again sometime, maybe with another short book and finish it in one reading.

    I really liked the “Revolutionary” part of the review, especially the second half of it. You’re a world changer Elena. 🙂


    1. Thanks for listening to this book and being living example that it’s useful and interesting for men, too. Thanks for setting an example in changing the world 🙂


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