Starting a Rev-EYRE-lution

Most of you have probably read Jane Eyre. Seen one of the movies. Heard about it. It’s one of the classics on the  Top 100 Must-Reads List, too.

I’ve re-read it recently.

Something stroke me as odd as soon as I opened the book. It was starting with chapter twenty-something. Not joking. Turned out I only bought Volume II. Before you think I’m a complete dork, you need to know that the bookshop didn’t even have Volume I.

As I was reading it I thought – I don’t get why this book is so highly regarded. I’ve read finer writing, with more interesting plots and more fascinating characters.

Then it dawned on me. It her time, Charlotte Bronte must’ve been outrageously brave to write and publish this novel.

To our post-modern minds, it is mere common sense that wealthy people can be heartless, that religious figures can be corrupt, that women are just as able as men to think, dream and fend for themselves. But I’m guessing that this wasn’t the case for Charlotte Bronte’s era.

Looking at it this way, I’ve continued reading Jane Eyre with the high regard it’s due. After all, this book has started a rev-EYRE-lution.

A new Jane Eyre movie has come out this year, 164 years after it’s been first published.

Have you read Jane Eyre? What did you think of it?
What books that were revolutionary for their time have you read?

photo by Katie Ullett


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