On Re-reading Books


I have a list of books that I want to re-read. This list is huge.

I have another list with books I’ve actually re-read. This list is tiny.

Even considering the staggering amount of NEW books out there, I have still managed to read a few books more than once. Although I’d be be surprised to have 10 books make the list, but I won’t go into detail. If you insist, however, I’ll write a later post with the lucky few. Please do insist.

So what determines a book’s chances to be read twice?

If the book is fun.

That, I’m afraid, is my number one reason for reading a book twice. Pretty shallow, I know. Every now and then I get tired of reading books that are challenging and I want to read for the sheer fun of it. So I pick a trusted light-hearted read and laugh away.

If the book is deep.

I’m not that shallow, after all.  There are books that simply speak to my heart in a way that touches and moves me. I go back to books like this to move mountains inside of me. Which they faithfully do, little by little.

If the book is useful.

By this I mean that it needs to be a reference book on a certain subject or another. If I’ve found it useful in a particular area or issue – I will go through it again. Books like this are a rare, but precious find.

I will be posting on one of the books I’ve re-read later this week. It also happens to be one of the getting married prep books series, so please come back for that.

Have you read any books more than once? What makes you re-read a book?


8 thoughts on “On Re-reading Books

  1. I find that the books I re-read most often are the ones that have struck a chord with me, or, if feeling nostalgic, books that meant something to me as a child. Not “children’s” books, but my family read together frequently, and many hold sweet memories; like books by Mark Twain, Robert Luis Stevenson, or Agatha Christie. When I get bogged down with school and work, I reach for the familiar, the funny, or the lighthearted. I love re-reading Christian classics, but usually not as a whole – just certain passages. I always end up re-reading text books.


    1. Beth – yes, “the familiar, the fun and the light-hearted” sound like books I’d pick up when I need a break, too.

      What are some Christian classics you re-read passages of?

      p.s. I’ve never read any Agatha Christie books, but I probably should!


  2. I can’t thin of a book that I’ve ever re-read. I guess there are none… The text books – geography and history – I’ve been re-reading those constantly trying to make the text stay in my head.

    There are some books that I would like to read again…

    I like pre marriage books and study books and things like that, I even read marriage counseling sometimes. Chapters only… you never know what you can find there that would make the relationship better.

    Have you ever heard of Mark Gungor and his
    “Laugh your way to a better Marriage” seminars? Those are fun!!!

    If you are interested, there are some on youtube, but I can send you a CD with his set of seminars. You’ll love it!


    1. Vika,

      That’s quite a coincidence – I will be posting something on Mark Gungor’s Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage book sometime soon. You’re right – he is hilarious, but very good, too. The book is just as fun as the seminars.

      thanks for the recommendation, though!


  3. I love to re-read books!
    Troy and I just had this conversation yesterday- he asked me why I would want to re-read a book!
    In short, my answers are:
    1. If they challenge me in my walk with the Lord.
    2. If they challenge my growth as a person.
    3. If they are subjects that I like or need to learn about.
    4. If the book is fun…light-hearted…a good story to ‘escape in’ and laugh.
    A few authors have traveled the world with me. 🙂


    1. Heidi,

      love your comment 🙂

      You made me curious about the authors that have travelled the world with you – what authors are those?


  4. I love to reread meaningful parts of books from C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, Tozer and several others. Have you read Knowledge of the Holy, by Tozer? I just finished it and it was spectacular!


    1. I’ve only read The Pursuit of God by Tozer, but planning to read more of his works in the future, quite a few of my friends like them. The Knowledge of the Holy will have to be the next Tozer book I read – thanks for the recommendation!


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