Boy Meets Girl: The Book

I’ve a huge list of books to reread. And a tiny list of books that I have already reread.

Moving books from the first list unto the second happens rarely, as you can probably tell. But I have reread some books in my life. Like this one.

Boy Meets Girl,  by Joshua Harris.

The book made an impression on me the first time I read it. I made a note to self to read it again at an appropriate point in my life (i.e. engaged to a man I want to spend the rest of my life with).  As I’m at exactly this point in life, it seemed fit to go back to it. So this is the getting married: prep book #2.

Pondering on why I’d recommend Boy Meets Girl, I find that it’s mostly because of Harris’ writing. Here’s how I’d describe it:

HONEST. Harris speaks out of his own experience, failures and victories. Numerous examples are given of other couples who’ve faced challenges in their relationships, but have overcome them, which is very encouraging. It’s not a small thing being transparent about your struggles and mistakes and the fact that Harris (and his wife) were brave enough to do so is remarkable.

FUN. He doesn’t take himself too seriously – and that makes for a light-hearted read, even when the topic concerned is very serious. The all-façades down, I’m-a-human-being-too Harris will charm you.

PRACTICAL.  Yes, what Harris writes and advises is grounded in a deep and personal relationship with the Inventor of love and all things romantic. Still, he manages to avoid over-spiritualizing relationships and helps living life (single or as a couple) so that it puts a smile on God’s face.

All of this makes me deem Boy Meets Girl worthy of being reread. I do recommend reading it for the first time, too.

Have you read Boy Meets Girl? How did you like it?

I’m still on the look-out for good pre-marital guidance books, so if there’s any you’d recommend, please do in the comments section.



7 thoughts on “Boy Meets Girl: The Book

  1. I read boy meets girl and I kissed dating goodbye when I was in high-school, and honestly I can’t remember much about them. My parents were (and still are) really into the whole courtship thing, and my family feels that it is the safest and most glorifying to God, way of doing relationships. I’m not really even looking for the man God has for me right now, because I’m still working on my bachelors degree and have many important things to do and don’t really have time or money, but Elena do you think that it is worth a re-read right now, or should I stick with my original plan which was to re-read it later in life.


    1. This is beautiful, Beth. Thanks for sharing. Both you and your parents are very wise and it’ll save you a lot of unnecessary trouble, even if it probably difficult to go against the flow sometimes.

      I recommend you do both – reread it now, when you’re not in a relationship, then reread it together with the man who’ll be courting you later 🙂

      It’s important that you learn some healthy values and principles about relationships before you’re in one.

      The awesome news is that God is caring and loving to the smallest details. I was surprised at how sometimes I’d read a book on relationships when I was single and really wish that my future fiancé would read it, too. Only to find out now that he HAS read it 🙂 In fact, he’s read more than I have!

      God will reward your faithfulness in wonderful ways and I look forward to seeing Him do it 🙂


  2. After reading your post on boy meets girl I decided I want to read this book (I thought I’ve read I kissed dating goodbye instead of this one) so in a way your first post on a re-read book made me re-read a book for the first time, though indirectly. I remember I liked it very much when I first read it and it is not just one of many books that I liked, it is one of few that influenced me 🙂
    Oh, and I love reading your blog! I’ve told you before that you are one of my favorite writers 🙂


    1. Mariancik,

      Thank you for your support and enthusiasm when was just an idea. You’ve made a contribution to making this blog happen, too 🙂

      Like you, I also read Boy Meets Girl after reading I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I like how Joshua Harris shares first from his time of singleness and then from his time of courtship. I wonder if he has any books on married life, then having kids, then becoming a grandparent 🙂

      thanks again for your comment!


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