Bookworm Going Public

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There’s this friend of mine – she is SUCH a bookworm.

She fell in love with books at age 5. She was taught to read and pretty much devoured every book that she could get her hands on. The local library became her favourite place. Soon there was no Jules Verne book she hasn’t read.

When adolescence came, her love of books came second to her desire to be accepted. The Dark Ages of Reading descended in my friend’s life – she didn’t read much and fiercely fought for survival.

Soon enough their friendship resumed, even more exuberant than before. Now, my friend would rather get a new book than a new pair of shoes (although, like any girl, she is well infatuated with shoes).

Yeap. This friend of mine is, in fact, me.

I’m the bookworm that’s making her love of books public. There’s more to it, though. I’ll start sharing my bookwormness with the world. How? You might ask.

By blogging about the books I read, the books I’ve read, the books I’d like to read. By sharing the things I learn, the impact books have on me, the frustrations they stir in my life and the simple joys of reading.

This is it from the land of Bookwormia for now but be warned – more is coming soon.

If you’re a fellow bookworm – you’re welcome here. Please make sure you say hi and share some of your bookwormness. I know there’s more of us!