Spotlight is On: Books in Music Videos

I’ve not seen a lot of books in music videos.

Have you ever thought about that? Out of all things, books seem to be the least popular items with music video directors and music artists alike. Why would that be?

Some of you might laugh in my face and argue that books are nothing exciting. That bling, semi-clad teenage girls and clubs look better on TV. But do they?

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Not Judging a Book by Its Name

If given the chance, I would change the name of this book.

Time has come for another post on a pre-marital guidance book. In case you’re bored with this series by now, please don’t give up on reading. A time will come when you’ll realise you know a lot of very useful things: how to untag yourself on a terrible FB picture, how to get around in a country you don’t speak the language of, how to find a book and download it illegally and so on.   You will discover, however, that you don’t know the faintest thing about how to build a successful relationship that will grow into a healthy marriage. You will then go into the archives of this blog and look for recommendations on pre-marital guidance books. So please bear with me – I’m writing this for the future-clueless-you sake.

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The DNA of Relationships

I have a hunch that I will read this book again.

One, because it was a Valentine’s Day gift from my beloved fiancé. (Please forgive the mush, but I have to be honest, don’t I? ) Second, because it has improved my understanding of the dynamics – or DNA – of relationships and this is something of great interest to me.

Although it is pre-marital guidance book #3 on gribook, it is actually the first book on relationships my fiancé and I have started reading together. It was recommended by two couples we have great respect for.  Continue reading

The Force of Inertia


I finished reading a book by sheer inertia.

I started the book, didn’t like it much but felt guilty about putting it down half-way through. So I tortured myself into finishing it.

A well-meaning friend gave it to me. It was very sweet of her: I was sick at home with bronchitis, she came to visit and  brought me oranges, a special  tea and a book.

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Walking With God by John Eldredge

Dear fellow bookworms, this week I’m off to camp. I won’t be posting on gribook, but I won’t stop reading, either. You can expect some good posts to come out of what I’ll be reading at camp. Until then, I’m delighted to introduce you to Igor – a bookworm and a charming geek. He also happens to be the man I’ll be marrying in less than two months. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading his guest post. Ta ta.

My Grandmother took me to Church when I was eight and the village pastor made an impression on me. He was a large man with calloused hands who spoke with a soft voice as he preached to the small congregation. I remember locking myself in the room to preach in front of the mirror. “Brothers and sisters, we have all gathered here together to read from the Word of God. We will open our Bibles to the Gospel of Matthew, chapter six. Let’s stand as we read.”

God must have liked me a lot then, because He has been in my life since.

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