The Black Hole of Books

pond1Some books get stuck on my currently-reading list.

Those of you with a keen sense of observation might have noticed that there’s precisely such a book on the right-hand column of

 Uncle Tom’s Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

I first picked it up on a lazy summer day. This, in the hope that a good classic might help me overcome the impending mid-day sleepiness. I like catching up on the Top 100 Must-reads too, so I set off. I think I even got as far as Chapter #2. Unfortunately, due to circumstances that I will not mention here, this book and I were not able to develop a stronger bond.

Side-note. I’m sure Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a wonderful book. Yet, I do not recommend reading it as an antidote to the afternoon nap. I’m afraid it is of no help whatsoever.

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