What Are You Reading Now?


Let me share with you about the books I’m reading now.

I usually read more than one book at a time. I’m no bookworm-superhero, but I do have somewhat of a reading system, if I may call it that. Mornings are best for spiritual-growth, or deep non-fiction books. Evenings are for light-hearted fiction. Simple as that.

 The NIV Bible

I read a chapter of the Bible everyday and let the truth of it permeate my heart and my life. It is by no means an instantaneous process, but I often find myself inspired, uplifted, convicted and directed through its divine wisdom.

I’m now reading from Acts. It is fascinating to read accounts of the wondrous work and power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of first-century Christians. I’m often left with a longing to be like them, to live like them, to be fired up for God’s Kingdom like they are. May God lead me to be exactly that.

 Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe

I regret to inform you that I haven’t moved on in my reading of this book since I’ve confessed of my shameless neglect of it. I am, however, reluctant to give up on reading it. So it is here to stay. No for too long, I hope.

 The Bible Jesus Read, Philip Yancey

Some of you already know that I am an ardent Philip Yancey fan. If you didn’t know that, I tell you now. Yancey is remarkably skilled at conveying life-changing and profound truths in a most eloquent and honest of ways. His phrases stir something in you, sometimes in unpleasant ways, yet mark you forever.

The Old Testament happens to be another passion of mine. Especially the Psalms and the prophetic book of Isaiah. In The Bible Jesus Read, Yancey talks about how we’ve long neglected the Old Testament because it is mysterious and difficult to understand. He points out how invigorating it can be for our spiritual lives and how many vital lessons we can learn from reading it. Do read this book, I recommend it.

Winter’s Tales, Isak Dinesen

This is probably the oldest book I own – it was published in 1962. I say probably because I haven’t checked ALL of my books, but it stands a good chance. It is a book that my fiancé bought for me in a second-hand bookshop in Copenhagen. He has quite a story about his visit to that bookshop, and I’ll nag him to share it with you in a future guest post.

Anyway, Winter’s Tales is a collection of short stories. I’ve only read half of them so far and I haven’t made my mind up about whether I like them or not. They’re a little bizarre and sad for my liking, but then a lot of the short stories I’ve read are that, too. One day, I will have to share about why I like short stories – because I really do.

This is what I am currently muddling through. What about you? Would you mind sharing about what you’re reading now?

One more thing. I am delighted to inform you that I will be taking a 4 weeks break from posting on gribook. Not delighted because I won’t post, but delighted because I am getting married to a most incredible guy, which is why I need the break. I look forward to resume writing in mid-October, fellow bookworms. I know you’ll forgive me if I admit that I look forward to the big day, honeymoon and marriage even more!

So, what books did you say you’re reading now?


23 thoughts on “What Are You Reading Now?

  1. I read the Bible like all the time, usually ESV.. I’m also reading Evidence that Demands a Verdict, a book on hypnosis :), a Romanian history book. I recently finished The Hobbit for fiction reads, and now I want to start reading The Lucifer Code.

    That’s how I like to read – more than one book at a time.


    1. Do you have The Hobbit in English? I’d love to borrow it sometime! I don’t think I’ve heard of The Lucifer Code – what’s it about? It ‘s and interesting mix, your currently-reading list: the Bible, book on hypnosis, history book and fiction – I think I like it.


  2. I like your site!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well i read BIBLE everyday, Totally God’s by Megan Clinton, Day of Praise, Real Simple and that’s all … Lencik have you ever read Fascinating Woomanhood by Adelin ???? I love this book i read it for 4 times and i want to read it again. I highly recommend it for you!


    1. Hey, thanks for sharing. No, I haven’t read Fascinating Womanhood – but now that you mentioned it, I’d like to. I know you wouldn’t read a book 4 times if it weren’t good!


  3. Congrats on your impending nuptials – how exciting!

    I’m reading ‘The Hive’ by Jose Cela, ‘Telling Secrets’ by Frederick Beuchner and a biog of Anna Wintour (but can’t remember the name)..


    1. Thanks, Emma – it’s very exciting, indeed, especially because I’m marrying the man of my dreams 🙂

      I had to look up all of the titles you mentioned – I don’t think I’ve heard of them before, except for Beuchner. How’s the book about Anna Wintour? It sounds like a rather interesting read.


  4. If we were not friends, who are in love and who are also engaged to each other, I’d still have your blog in my bookmarks and read it regularly. I really your thoughts and how you convey them in writing.

    I tend to read non-fiction in the daytime, when my mind is fresh. I found that when I read non-fiction before bedtime I find it hard to sleep, esp. if it’s a good book. So before bedtime I like to read fiction or non-fiction novels.

    Will miss you blog posts in the weeks you won’t be posting!


      1. din diferite domenii… beletristică, specialitate, poate un pic de self help (Dale Carnegie)

        pe lângă alea postate pe blog, mai am câteva… btw, mai am şi câteva ebook-uri care trebuiesc citite

        mă gândesc la procurarea unui Kindle) dar să văd cum voi sta cu banii 🙂


      2. sunt mai ecolog din fire 😀 deşi, cum ai zis tu, pe un Kindle ar fi mult mai tolerabil şi ecologic decât să le printezi pe hârtie.

        btw, la facultate am destul de mult de citit, sunt în anul 3 şi materia devine tot mai grea 🙂

        în rest, citesc pentru mine 🙂


  5. I normally can only read one book at a time whether it’s fiction or non-, because I get so caught up in it, but I’m making my first exception this week. I’ve been reading the Harry Potter books for the first time with my teenage son – I’ll start #6 tomorrow. But I also really want to read How the Mighty Fall, so I’ve started that just today. They are very different from each other, so I think it will work. But I tend to let other things lapse when I’m in the middle of a good book, so I’m not sure how I’ll get ANYthing done if I’m in the middle of TWO good books. Maybe my husband can cook and my son can do laundry. Hah. 🙂


    1. haha, let me know if that works, with your husband cooking and your son doing the laundry, Tonja 🙂 I might try it sometime when I’m married 😉

      I know what you mean about getting caught up in a book. It happens to me all the time – especially with good fiction.

      What a coincidence – my fiancé’s reading How the Mighty Fall at the moment, too 🙂 I hear it’s good.


  6. Hi!!

    I just started a new version in my bible reading; the EVS. I am currently reading The Help; A Crime So Monstrous; and rereading Selling Olga.
    I’m finding less time to read because we are packing up our apartment and also filling up trunks to take to Moldova soon!

    *Side-note: Our dear Igor, I don’t think you will be missing Elena’s blog during the wedding break. 🙂

    Your blog is inspiring, Elena!


    1. Heidi – I’ve seen so many people reading The Help! Is it good? Do you happen to have a hard (real) copy of the book?

      May God bless your time of preparation and I’m looking forward to you being back, sharing books and going out for coffee 🙂


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