Dear Amazon


Lately, I’ve shared quite a few joys with you. Today I’m sharing another one.

I am the happy and proud owner of a Kindle.

It’s been on my wishlist for quite a while, so I can barely contain my excitement. I mean, after this whole time of waiting and day dreaming about it –¬†voil√†! Although this is completely irrelevant to the actual gadget, I also have a very pretty Kindle case – as seen on the picture. (To the girls reading this, please tell me you understand.)

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Reader, I Married Him

Dear fellow bookworms, you’re very own gribook host is now married to a wonderful, wonderful man.

We’ve had a fabulous wedding, with exceptionally dear and generous guests. Our honeymoon was nothing but pure bliss and now we’re back and settling into our cosy apartment.

Married life, you positively rock.

This makes me Mrs. Bookworm from now on. As such, let me share about the books on marriage and relationships that I’m planning to read.

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