Introducing Gribook Accessories

Today’s post is packed-full with awesomness.

Why so?

  • I’ll be showing you how a Kindle sleeve is made
  • I’ll tell you about Gribook Accessories
  • I’ll have a little – but fun – give away

UPDATE: the latest on the give-away is that WE HAVE A WINNER! His name is Vlad and he’s not only getting an awesome Kindle sleeve, but a cool phone sleeve to boot. Congrats to Vlad!

Do continue reading, there’s great news ahead.

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Reading Challenge Completed


Dear fellow bookworms,

because of your kind support and understanding about my failure last week, I have now completely recovered and am a perfectly happy bookworm again. Thank you for all the hugs and love you’ve sent in real life, via Gribook, Facebook and Twitter. You rock.

As promised, I’ll be sharing great news with you today.

Back in January 2011, I set the goal to read 50 books this year. Not tremendously ambitious. In my defense, I was in a serious relationship and anticipating a most exhilarating (and hectic) year ahead. At some point, I didn’t even think I’ll ever complete the challenge. I did. By mid-November, too.

I completed my 2011 Goodreads Reading Challenge.

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Bad News

autumn bookworm.jpg

Dear fellow bookworms,

Among many good reads and great news, here’s something I’m not proud of sharing with you. I wasn’t quite sure whether to actually mention it or not, but then I do feel accountable to you. Besides, it would be unfair to share the ups and not the downs of a bookworm’s life. Like the lives of any other human being on this planet, it is not all rosy.


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Doubting Your Doubts

Some say Tim Keller is the C. S. Lewis of the 21st Century. The C. S. Lewis fan that I am frowns sceptically at remarks like this. Yet, it is intriguing.

I’ve read Timothy Keller’s The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Scepticism

It left me deeply impressed. Rest assured, Lewis still holds his special place in my heart. Keller’s writing is not nearly as elegant and eloquent. As a matter of fact he is not so much of a writer, more of a pastor and an apologist who wrote his thoughts down and compiled them in this book (and many others). I’m glad he did.

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Best-selling Fiction: The Help

best-seller and a Holywood movie, this must’ve also been one of the most loved and reviewed books online. Guess how I found out about it.

A delightfully candid and moving novel about racial issues in 1960’s South, it tells the story of two black maids and their experience being “the help” of white middle-class housewives from Jackson, Mississippi. Prompted by an aspiring writer – a young white woman in her early twenties – the two maids and a number of others begin to share their stories so as to be published in a book. Although seemingly simple, the plot kept me on the edge of my seat. This, for three (good) reasons.

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