Introducing Gribook Accessories

Today’s post is packed-full with awesomness.

Why so?

  • I’ll be showing you how a Kindle sleeve is made
  • I’ll tell you about Gribook Accessories
  • I’ll have a little – but fun – give away

UPDATE: the latest on the give-away is that WE HAVE A WINNER! His name is Vlad and he’s not only getting an awesome Kindle sleeve, but a cool phone sleeve to boot. Congrats to Vlad!

Do continue reading, there’s great news ahead.

First things first.

I like to brag about my Kindle cover. It’s cute, it’s feminine, it’s practical. It can easily match and even enhance an outfit, as seen on the following picture. I’m often asked where I got it from and how do you get them in Moldova. Until now, the answer to this last question was a clueless shrug.

This is where the whole idea of custom-made Kindle sleeves started. I shared the idea with my friend Olga, who does wonders at the sewing machine (and has also taken up the gigantic task of teaching the clumsy me to sew). She liked it so we made it happen.

The Making Of a Kindle Sleeve

The things you need. Choosing the fabric is probably the most fun part – you can experiment with colours and textures. We chose a beautiful autumn-ish pattern for the outside of the sleeve, and soft mustard coloured flannel-type fabric for the inside.

We cut the fabric according to a pattern with the same measurements of a Kindle, plus a bit extra.

We added two types of padding fabric, to ensure the Kindle is not only comfy but also well protected.

Olga’s magic on the sewing machine.

Before sewing the two parts (inside and outside) together, Olga put the piece of elastic in and secured it with pins. And then did some more magic on the sewing machine while I watched starry-eyed, day-dreaming of being able to be this good one day.

When they were sown together, we put the inside part where it belongs (i.e. inside), but not before sewing its bottom part. It already looks snuggly.

Last, but important details: sewing the button on and pressing.

Et voilà! The finished Kindle sleeve  – now isn’t it simply gorgeous?

About Gribook Accessories

Now on to our second exciting announcement.

Olga has made more of these cuties and they’re available for purchase.  I know – YAY.

With this, I’m thrilled to introduce you to:

Gribook Accessories

This  is where you’ll be able to see and order these handmade Kindle sleeves and more, that are to come.

We’re only able to sell them to those of you who live in Chisinau, Moldova for now. But we might start to ship them internationally, on public demand.

Please go to our Facebook Page to find more pictures and info.

You can also place an order here:

This is only the beginning. We’re hoping to have more bookworm-ish accessories available for purchase. And those of you who don’t have a Kindle – don’t despair, we’ll have awesome stuff for you, too.

The Giveaway

We’re giving away a handmade mobile phone sleeve. The rules are very simple, actually.

The first one of you who orders a Kindle Sleeve (made with love by Gribook Accessories), will also get a mobile phone sleeve, exactly the same as the Kindle one, only smaller. For this, you will need to give us your phone’s measurements and it will be made to fit it perfectly.

Oh, wow. This was one long post.

I was very excited about sharing all of these news with you, but now I’m even more excited to hear what YOU think about them!

So what do you think of the sleeves we made? What do you think of Gribook Accessories? And what other thoughts do you have on this?

p.s. I told you you’ll love this!


13 thoughts on “Introducing Gribook Accessories

  1. This is BIG! I just L.O.V.E! the sleeves! They are awesome!!! and I really want one… I will wait for someone else to get the giveaway (to be fair) and will get a sleeve for myself!

    I am very excited about this! Great stuff!


  2. You are incredible! With Olga’s talent and your vision, this could just be the first product. I think I might put in for one…but after Christmas.


    1. Thanks, Andy! You have to add Igor’s web design genius to the mix – and yes, we make quite a team 🙂

      This is actually Olga’s project – we thought of it as a source of income for her, so she doesn’t have to get a job outside the FH. Igor and I are just volunteering for the time being. It’s an exciting and fun project for us, though! So if you know people who’d like to buy Kindle Sleeves, please spread the word.


    1. Tommy, you are very funny! Thanks.

      Now that you mentioned this, you know how would need a Kindle? Your beautiful wife 🙂 She likes reading and I’m sure she’ll love one. So, there’s a surprise gift idea for you – I won’t tell her 😉


  3. hi that is so cute my grand parents are getting me a ereader for my birthday and my parents are giving me a case it is plan black (so not fun) so i’m making a sleeve to go on top any suggestions?


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