My 2012 To-read List


I like books, I like lists, I like planning. My fondness of these account for today’s post.

For this year, I’ve come up with a narrowed down – key word being “narrowed” –  list of the books I’d like to read. Perhaps I’ll read them, perhaps I won’t. I simply want my intentions to be documented on

At the end of the year, remind me to let you know how I fared.

Here goes: some titles I plan to read in 2012. 

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Books vs. Audiobooks

Photo by Brian Lane Winfield Moore

It is here, at last! The long promised guest post about audiobooks by my wonderful husband, Igor. I’m attending a Conference in Turkey this week. Will be back next week, to share about the books on this year’s to read shelf. Until then, do enjoy Igor’s awesomeness!

Like most drugs, my first audiobook was on the house. It happened five years ago on, and I got hooked badly. Four years now I am still a regular abuser of at least two books a month, and by now I own well over a hundred.

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Welcome, New Year

What a marvelous year 2011 was.

Not only did I marry my favourite man in the world – that alone would’ve sufficed to make last year extraordinary – but Gribook was launched, and Gribook Accessories hit off. Truth be told, I was taken by surprise with how successful and rewarding both these project have turned out to be. Side-note: Married life has also been an incredible experience – I’m the happiest in my life, by far.

With and Gribook Accessories, we embarked on an adventure. We wanted to have fun, to grow and to share the gifts and opportunities we’ve been given. False modesty aside, we had as many as 230 visitors in one day alone and we made about 20 customers-slash-bookworms happy with our sleeves and bookmarks. This means a lot to me, it means a lot to the team behind Gribook Accessories.

We’re grateful to God. We’re grateful to you. We’re blessed – oh, just how blessed!

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