Books vs. Audiobooks

Photo by Brian Lane Winfield Moore

It is here, at last! The long promised guest post about audiobooks by my wonderful husband, Igor. I’m attending a Conference in Turkey this week. Will be back next week, to share about the books on this year’s to read shelf. Until then, do enjoy Igor’s awesomeness!

Like most drugs, my first audiobook was on the house. It happened five years ago on, and I got hooked badly. Four years now I am still a regular abuser of at least two books a month, and by now I own well over a hundred.

Is listening as good as reading?

There’s a preconception that listening to a book is easier then reading one, therefore it must not count as reading. I of course disagree with this outrageous statement. I can’t let my overweight ego get hurt like that.

Instead I believe there are three types of learners: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. I’m the second type and I depend on hearing and speaking as a main way of learning.

If you are one of the many who believe reading is “not their thing” there is a big chance that you might be an auditory learner who hasn’t yet discovered the wonderful world of audiobooks. I urge you to give them a try.

But even if you find no difficulty reading books from cover to cover, I believe you can still benefit greatly from audiobooks and here’s how.

Benefits from having an audiobook in your pocket

1. You can read on the move

When I lived in South Korea I spent at least six hours every week on the busses and the subway. If you live in a big city or you drive a lot, don’t waste those precious hours. You can also listen to books when you run errands, or in low light.

Also books are heavy and you can’t always carry them with you. Of course the wonderful ebook readers are changing this. But if you don’t have one, most music players and smartphones will do for audiobooks. They will even remember where you stopped so you can take it from there the next time you read.

2. It’s entertaining

One other reason I love audiobooks is the great narrators who do the reading. They give great performances and add a whole new dimension to the books with their voices, diction and accents. Many books, especially biographies are even read by their authors.

3. It’s convenient and benefits the environment

If you don’t live in the States where you can buy books and have them shipped the next day, audiobooks are very convenient. You can start listening to them the minute you buy them. You also don’t waste paper and other precious resources that go into printing.

Last thought…

Ultimately I believe what unites us, readers and listeners is our passionate love of reading. I am so blessed to have married a bookworm, because hardly a day goes by without my wife and I reading together.

How do you feel about audiobooks? Have you listened to a particularly good one lately?

photo credits to Brian Lane Winfield Moore


13 thoughts on “Books vs. Audiobooks

    1. Thank you for reading it! Have you listened to anything particularly good lately? I just finished The Hunger Games book #1 a few hours ago, it was a fantastic listen.


  1. Bro your writing skills are very nice! You write with such a passion that no human alive would not be interrested in the beauty of an audiobook, hahaha
    Thank you Igor for a very good post



    1. I’m flattered, thank you Emil. I really hope someone will read this and will give audiobooks a try man. I just bought Erasing Hell by Francis Chan and I can’t wait to read it….. I mean listen to it. 😛

      Emil, also thank you for the MANY good book recommendations you’ve provided me with.


  2. I have listened to a few audiobooks, but not many. Unlike you, I’m a visual learner so I tend to forget what I’ve listened to, unless I’ve also seen it written down 🙂
    One of my fondest memories, however, is how I listened to David Coperfield by Charles Dickens in about 5 hours. I was stuck in town, on a heavy snow day, when the public and other types of transportation was incredibly slow. I still remember the big and pretty snowflakes, the white gorgeousness around me, and listening to this book, because there was not much else to do. It was fairytale like!
    Thanks for bringing back good memories and for the enjoyable read!


    1. Yeah, you are definitely a visual – just reading about audiobooks made you remember visual memories with pretty snowflakes and the gorgeous snow. Again thank you for letting me guest post, I love you. ♥


  3. Bro, just want to express my gratitude for hooking me up with “new way” of reading books. It all started with my first iPod (which also was introduced by you). Since that, I can’t imagine my daily life without equipping my self spiritually and intellectually through audio streaming. Bless ya bro!)


    1. Alex, I appreciate your kind comment.. You know the saying “If you want to lead you have to read.” Or there’s another one I can’t remember right now but it goes something like “Those who read will always lead those who watch TV”..

      Love you bro, thanks for the comment.


  4. 10x for the post, its really so! I often caught myself falling asleep while reading :”>, but hearing books feels great, as u said, the narrators, changing voices, ahhh all becomes so vivid! From the latest i’ve listened too are metamorphisis by franz kafka, 1984 by george orwell and to kill a mockingbird by harper lee, all in just less than a month!


    1. Hey, I’m glad you found the post useful. I’m even more glad with your success with listening to books! I have listened to 1984 last year myself, and I found it fascinating.

      Happy listening, and please come by the blog often. 🙂


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