We Heart Moldova

This is another exciting post from us, the Gribook Accessories bunch.

You know a little bit about us already: we like books and making pretty accessories, and are a bit geeky to boot. There’s one more thing about us we’d like you to know today.

We heart Moldova.

Yes, we do. Not all of us at Gribook Accessories were born in this beautiful country. But we all share a love for its people and a desire to represent it as best as we can.

This being said, we’d like to introduce you to our brand new:

Moldovan Souvenirs

Bookmarks, bows and brooches – we made all these out of typical Moldovan fabrics. Our Moldovan accessories make great souvenirs for those who visit our country and want a little reminder to take back with them. They’re perfect as small gifts to take back to dear family and friends.

They’re pretty, light and affordable – describes the best souvenir, doesn’t it?

Now for some pictures.

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Guest Post: The Lord of the Rings

Meet my friend Kalyna. She is a wonderful wife, an incredible mother of three boys, and a missionary to Moldova.  I’ve mentioned Kalyna in some previous posts, because she also happens to be one of my favourite bookworms. In this guest post, she is sharing about The Lord of the Rings, the beloved fantasy trilogy. Enjoy!  

When I read a book, it is my escape from reality.  Not that reality is bad; on the contrary, I have a wonderful life; but if I am feeling stressed, or frustrated, or grieved, or even just bored, I long to travel to a faraway land and have adventures there with new and exciting characters, or with a few old friends.  A good book is the perfect way to obtain this escape.  This is, I think, why I find particular enjoyment in fantasy books, for what could be further from reality than a world which exists solely in imagination?

Of all the fantasy books out there, two are my particular favorites:  “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Lord of the Rings.”  While the former will always hold a special place in my heart, here I will focus on the latter and why it brings such enjoyment to me.

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Books and Drinks


As promised last week, I’ll be announcing the winner of the Tea Cosy Giveaway in today’s post. But not before I share about the drinks I have with books. Please keep reading!

Some of my favourite teas when I read are English Breakfast with milk, Earl Grey with Lemon, or Red Herbal Teas (Hibiscus, Rosehip, Apple). In the morning, I have a coffee while I read my Bible. Every now and then, I’d have apple, mango, or orange juice while reading.

Some of my drinking habits have been inspired by the very books I read.

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Tea Cosy Tutorial and Giveaway (by Gribook Accessories)

Today being the first of February – winter’s shortest, yet often fiercest month – the Gribook Accessories bunch has a treat for you.

We’ll show you how we make a Tea Cosy and hold a GIVEAWAY!

At Gribook Accessories, we like books, all things comfy, practical and pretty – and we also like tea. Which explains why we make Tea Cosies. Some of you have already seen the ones we made for tea-loving customers. They look like a fabric lid, or a hat of sorts and are perfect for keeping the tea warm in your teapot.

When I first received a Tea Cosy as a gift, I didn’t know what to make of it. Why would I need a hat-looking object for my kitchen? After my husband figured out it’s purpose, it has become a very much used and appreciated item, especially when we have friends over and we need to keep the tea hot. Thank you for the awesome gift, Bex and Flo!

Let me guide you through the process.

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