Tea Cosy Tutorial and Giveaway (by Gribook Accessories)

Today being the first of February – winter’s shortest, yet often fiercest month – the Gribook Accessories bunch has a treat for you.

We’ll show you how we make a Tea Cosy and hold a GIVEAWAY!

At Gribook Accessories, we like books, all things comfy, practical and pretty – and we also like tea. Which explains why we make Tea Cosies. Some of you have already seen the ones we made for tea-loving customers. They look like a fabric lid, or a hat of sorts and are perfect for keeping the tea warm in your teapot.

When I first received a Tea Cosy as a gift, I didn’t know what to make of it. Why would I need a hat-looking object for my kitchen? After my husband figured out it’s purpose, it has become a very much used and appreciated item, especially when we have friends over and we need to keep the tea hot. Thank you for the awesome gift, Bex and Flo!

Let me guide you through the process.

How to make a Tea Cosy

To start with, we choose the fabric. It is best to have a sturdy and thick cotton type fabric for the outside – in fun colours or print, of course. For the inside, choose a soft fabric in one bold colour. Both fabrics need to be cut in the dome-like shape of the Tea Cosy. We make a pattern first, and then cut them according to it.

We also use padding fabric that will serve for thermal insulation purposes. We added an extra padding to this outside fabric, because it was not thick enough. It’s lovely-looking, though, isn’t it?

Olga, who does all the top-notch sewing at Gribook Accessories, is then sewing the outside fabric together with the padding.

This is for you to see all the layers of padding we use, so that the Tea Cosy is not just pretty, but keeps your tea warm.

Next, is the sewing of the inside layer.

Both parts need to be sewn together.

When they are sewn together, they look something funny like this. I don’t think many would guess what that item is exactly, at this point. But as soon as you put the inside fabric in, it looks very close to the final product.

One small last detail – you fix the two parts to each other sewing them by hand, so they stay firm together.

Here it is – our winter-wonderland Tea Cosy!

Let us know if you tried to make a Tea Cosy and how well you did. We’ll gladly try to answer your questions about the process, too. If you’re not much into sewing, but would still like to purchase a Tea Cosy for yourself, or as a gift, do let us know here:


We’ll be glad to make one for you.


The Tea Cosy we made needs to find a home. All you need to enter the giveaway is this:

leave a comment and tell us what is your favourite TEA and your favourite BOOK. 

If you have a tea you like because of a certain book, let us know about that, too. That’ll only increase your chances of winning. All three of us at Gribook Accessories (Igor, Olga and I) will decide who the Tea Cosy goes to, and we’ll be as objective as we can. You have a whole week to enter the competition, and we’ll announce the winner in the next post (next Wednesday).

Looking forward to hearing all about the teas and the books you love!


p.s. I will be expanding on my predilection for tea in a future post.



17 thoughts on “Tea Cosy Tutorial and Giveaway (by Gribook Accessories)

  1. I so agree that a good tea goes well with an interesting book. I love our tea cosy, especially when we have guests and make a full pot of tea – it keeps the tea warm and pretty. 🙂

    My favorite tea is English Breakfast with milk. I also really like green tea with honey.

    As of books, it’s hard to say. The Bible is a definite first, it being the book I read continuously. But I’d like to be more specific and so the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Gospel of John..

    Other books I like are: Blue Like Jazz, Crazy Love, Ender’s Game, anything by Malcolm Gladwell.


    1. well, technically you can’t enter this competition, my dearest husband. you are one of the judges, remember? 😀

      still – thanks for sharing about your fav tea and book(s) – you could mention about the person who inspired your love for English Breakfast with milk – hint hint 😉

      and you don’t just like tea, but you make some of the best tea, too 🙂

      thanks for being awesome.


  2. My favorite tea is the milk with honey 🙂
    I love warm milk with honey in long and cold winter day. Outside is snowing but I sit in my comfy bed with a warm cup of milk with honey reading my favorite books.
    It is very hard for me to tell which is my favorite book. Lately I read a lot about marriage and relationships and I really enjoyed the last book: Things I Wish I’d Know Before We Got Married.
    I liked it a lot because I read it and discuss it with my future husband, and this book certainly helped us to know each other better and helped us to prepare for a wonderful marriage that I look forward.

    My favorite Books are: Bible; What’s So Amazing About Grace; The Shack; The Five Love Languages; 101 common therapeutic blunders: countertransference and counterresistance in psychotherapy; And many other books I just do not remember right now.


    1. We have read “Things I Wish I’d Know Before We Got Married” before we got married too. Great book!

      The 101 Common Therapeutic Blunders: countertransference and counterresistance in psychotherapy, is a good book, but I found it rather simple and elementary…. 😛 (I have no idea what book this is, but the title is awesome).


    2. Aliska, liking your comment a lot!

      looks like there are three of us already who are black tea with milk fans. thanks for sharing – I’ll know what kind of tea to serve next time you come over 🙂

      so glad you like ” Things I Wish I’d Known…” – we enjoyed it,too. and found it very practical. I’ve a few other books on relationships that you’re welcome to borrow!

      as for the books – The Bible, What’s So Amazing About Grace and The Shack are also amongst my favourites! Haven’t read the 101 Common Therapeutic Blunders yet – maybe I should 😀

      Glad you entered the competition, the Tea Cosy will come in useful in your future home 🙂

      love you, beautiful friend!


    1. lol! thanks for the question – here’s what Wikipedia says:

      A tea cosy (American English: tea cozy) is a cover for a teapot, traditionally made of cloth or wool, which is used to insulate the tea, keeping it warm while it brews.

      see more pics here: http://on.fb.me/xPh2i4

      how is that for an explanation?

      appreciate the honesty. and do let us know what your fav book and tea is – you might actually win a tea cosy and see what it is – we’ll give you free instructions on how to use it, too 🙂


  3. Well, I’m supposed to choose my favourite tea and book… not so easy. First of all because I’m addicted to tea and I’m a book lover. And also it depends 🙂

    If it’s during the evening, I’m home, tired a little bit after a working day, I prefer a tea of chamomile and an artistic book. The best combination: Chamomile Tea + the book of Camil Petrescu “The last night of love and the first night of war ” Ultima noapte de dragoste intia noapte de razboi).

    If it’s during the day or I have more energy I would combine an other my favourite tea from Jasmin + a personal development book like my favourite “The gold leadership” by John Maxwell.

    To make a conclusion. I love the natural tea, it can be even from fresh herbals but especially chamomile and Jasmin. The books, I read everything, but from artistic is the one of Camil Petrescu from personal development is the one of John Maxwell.

    Love to read, addicted to dozen cups of tea per day!


    1. Olea – nice choice of teas: camomille’s a tea we always have in our house, too 🙂
      And good choice of books – I think I’ll have to get my hands on a John Maxwell book someday, quite a few people have recommended him.

      thanks for commenting and for entering the competition.

      oh, and really appreciate your support, with Gribook and Gribook Accessories – thanks a bunch!



  4. Şi eu vreau chestioara aia pentru ceai, celor de acasă le va fi folositoare acu pe frigul asta care e în Moldova 🙂
    Succese vouă şi am mai zis’o, place ce faceţi.


  5. Ceaiul meu preferat este verde cu minta, pe care cu regret nu l’am gasit azi dimineata printre alte multe ceaiuri.
    Cartea mea preferata este Geneza – Biblia. De ea niciodata nu ma satur s’o citesc, chiar daca stiu parerea ta Lena, si tu stii bine ca p’u mine parerea ta conteaza, mai ales in privinta cartilor.
    Eu incerc sa mai compun ce sa scriu ca mesajul meu sa nu para atit de scurt in comparatie cu altii, 🙂


    1. aha – am inteles ce fel de ceai tre sa’ti aduc data viitoare cind vin in ospetie 🙂 si eu care credeam ca ceaiul tau preferat e Apple Tea…

      Geneza’i o carte fascinanta – despre oameni obisnuiti, care fac greseli si trec prin dificultati, dar pe care Dumnezeu ii alege, ii binecuvinteaza si face lucruri minunate prin ei. Asta’i tare incurajant pentru mine 🙂 M’ai inspirat si pe mine s’o recitesc. Desi cred ca noi oricum o sa citim despre multe din femeile din Geneza, cind o sa trecem prin Twelve Extraordinary Women of God, de John MacArthur.

      multumesc pentru comentariu, Taniush – si inca o data Happy Birthday 🙂

      love you


  6. Aha…here I am sharing about my fav tea…oh my….So, now with a ‘few’ changes in my life: getting married, being a normal girl (sorry, a lady), I mean not a director, plus being pregnant, I HAD to give up on my favorite tea ever ever -BLACK, English…and me and my husband (the most beloved one) became big big fans of HERBAL TEAS. All 100% natural: from the Moldavian fields and forests. You mix them as you want: either a taste, mint for example, or you mix 2-3 different herbs. IT IS AWESOME. It is goog for relaxing, calming, for your skin. IT IS PERFECT. I have 6-5 types of herbs which I mix.
    But…for a morning cup of tea, we choose a green one. Otherwise there is a big risk my husband will jump back into the warm bed.
    Book…The nicest one I have found…helps with the ministry of relating &counseling people: “Christian Counseling.A Comprehensive Guide” by Gary R. Collins (my fav Christian counselor).


    1. Elena,
      The Herbal Tea you’re describing sounds delicious! We’ll have to come and try them sometime, won’t we? 😉 We have a lot of catching up to do, us married women – and you expecting a baby! Thanks for sharing about your fav book and tea – and entering the competition – that gives Igor and I a good excuse to meet up with you – if not for the Tea Cosy, at least to give you a bookmark 🙂

      p.s. To my embarrassment, I have not heard of Gary R. Collins before – I obviously haven’t delved into Christian Counseling deep enough. If I ever do that, I’ll start with this book first!

      thanks for sharing!


  7. NOT FOR PUBLICATION just a fun reply

    My favorite reading is cruising the Internet. There are so many newspapers on line out there in the aether that one never runs out of something new and interesting to see and learn. I hope this does not make me seem like an illiterate American to you. I ran across your site looking for info to make a cozy for the coffee thermos where we pour the coffee after it has finished brewing.
    p.s. I always give a look at the BBC website.
    from Saint Louis, Missouri USA


    1. Robert,

      You’re right about never running out of reading material, with the internet 🙂

      Hope the Tea Cosy Tutorial was useful and thanks for stopping by!


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