Books and Drinks


As promised last week, I’ll be announcing the winner of the Tea Cosy Giveaway in today’s post. But not before I share about the drinks I have with books. Please keep reading!

Some of my favourite teas when I read are English Breakfast with milk, Earl Grey with Lemon, or Red Herbal Teas (Hibiscus, Rosehip, Apple). In the morning, I have a coffee while I read my Bible. Every now and then, I’d have apple, mango, or orange juice while reading.

Some of my drinking habits have been inspired by the very books I read.

Rooibus Tea

I’ve first read about Rooibus Tea (a.k.a. Red Bush Tea) in The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, by Alexander McCall Smith. It was love at first sip. Roobois Tea is what I drink on a rainy or a cold winter day – and it makes me feel like I’m in warm and beautiful Botswana.

Caffè Latte

Not until Fresh Brewed Life, by Nicole Johnson, did I have a Latte regularly, every single morning. This is an inspirational book about living a full life in Christ, and the author weaves her passion for Coffee with her love for God in a effortless manner. Side note: I’m blessed to have married a coffeeholic, who makes the world’s best Latte.


Nope, not cocaine – Coca-Cola. Never been much of a fan until Savannah from Savannah, by Denise Hildreth. The main character – you’ll never guess, her name’s Savannah – is addicted to Coca-Cola. Charmingly so. A few chapters in the book, and I already had a crave for a Coke. So I had one, and then another one and you know the rest of the story (right out of the AA manual).

So much for reading being an addiction-free activity, huh? Or maybe it’s only me who’s prone to being influenced by fiction. Note to self: should not read books about drugs or alcoholic beverages.

Have you had any experiences of the sort? What do you drink while reading?


What more exciting way to finish this post than by announcing that the Tea Cosy Giveaway Winner is:


Congratulations and thanks for sharing about your fav tea and book. I’m glad the lovely tea-cosy has found a home with you!

Thank you everyone else for commenting, too. You also get a small thank you gift from Gribook Accessories – a winter-wonderland bookmark!

By the way, do check out the many fascinating, yet mysterious sculptures found in Scottish libraries. He makes cups of tea out of books. Read and see more about it here.

Don’t leave before telling us: what do you prefer with a book – tea, coffee, juice?


8 thoughts on “Books and Drinks

  1. Beautifully written about a captivating subject.
    My preferences of drink while I read a book are:
    Princess Noor Black Tea with milk.
    Hot Chocolate with whipping cream.


    1. Heidi, I might be wrong here – but I have a feeling you like Coca-Cola 😀 I was actually thinking of you when I was reading Savanna from Savannah 🙂
      I only read Hot Chocolate in your comment and I’m craving one! I’m very influenced by what I read!
      Btw, Igor bought a coffee grinder, so today I had a Starbucks Latte – it was delish! We still want to hang out with you, though, even if we don’t need to grind our coffee anymore 🙂



  2. Uaaaaa…. I am the winner!!! ati tras la sort sau a jucat in rol metoda cumatrismului, care este des intilnita pe meleagurile moldovenesti?! 😛
    great post. imi place ca esti transparenta cu noi, fanii blogului tau. mi-a fost interesant sa aflu de unde te inspiri in privinta preferintelor tale la bauturi (desigur nealcoolice).

    Sa fiu sincera eu nu obisnuiesc sa beau ceva in timp ce citrsc. Pentru mine acestea sunt doua lucruri diferite. cDaca le conbin atunci sau ceiul se raceste sau uit sa citesc in timp ce beau 🙂

    Daca tot sunt cistigatoarea acestui concurs as vrea sa mentipnez inca o data ca cartea mea preferata este Geneza (Biblia). Ori de cite ori o citesc imi pare la fel de interesanta si ma conving din nou ca ea e cartea nr.1.
    In privinta ceaiului de minta, imi place inca din copilarie. Bunica il prepara intr-un mod deosebit… folosind frunzele proaspete din gradina. Probabil l-am ales sa fie preferat p-u ca-mi aminteste de copilaria fara griji si nevoi 🙂


    1. Taniush, felicitari inc’odata!

      Esti winner din motive foarte obiective – pentru ca toate persoanele care au comentat sunt dragi si toate merita asa un cadouash – am renunat la cumatrism, si am tras la sorti 🙂
      Oricum avem niste bookmarks frumusele pentru celelalte participante, asa ca nu este nimeni in pierdere 🙂

      Si bunica mea facea ceai de menta, dar mie cred ca cel mai mult imi aminteste de copilare ceaiul de tei. Asta pentru ca tot noi le stringeam din copac, le uscam, si’apoi faceam ceai. Yum! E pina azi unul din preferate, desi nu am baut de mult.

      Iar in privinta Genezei, eu am avut intentia s’o recitesc (dupa comentariul tau de la postarea trecuta), dar Igorash chiar o reciteste 😀

      multumesc de comentariu – cadoul va veni la tine foarte curind 🙂



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