We Heart Moldova

This is another exciting post from us, the Gribook Accessories bunch.

You know a little bit about us already: we like books and making pretty accessories, and are a bit geeky to boot. There’s one more thing about us we’d like you to know today.

We heart Moldova.

Yes, we do. Not all of us at Gribook Accessories were born in this beautiful country. But we all share a love for its people and a desire to represent it as best as we can.

This being said, we’d like to introduce you to our brand new:

Moldovan Souvenirs

Bookmarks, bows and brooches – we made all these out of typical Moldovan fabrics. Our Moldovan accessories make great souvenirs for those who visit our country and want a little reminder to take back with them. They’re perfect as small gifts to take back to dear family and friends.

They’re pretty, light and affordable – describes the best souvenir, doesn’t it?

Now for some pictures.

Moldovan bookmarks. If you have been to a Moldovan village, you would have seen our babushkas wearing head-scarves that look like this. They’re so colourful, they’d brighten any day, however miserable.

Moldovan bows. One of the things Moldova is known for is it’s fields of sunflowers, it’s richness of flowers and plants, and the beauty of its lands in the summer and fall.

With our bows, we hope to capture a tiny bit of the sun and the colours of a Moldovan summer.

Moldovan Brooches. These brooches will brighten any outfit, if pinned on a garment, a scarf, or a headband. We have a couple of examples below.

You can see the Moldovan Souvenirs collection in more detail on our Facebook Page:

Gribook Accessories

You can also ask us about Moldova if you’ve not heard of it before (it can happen to the best of us!)

Before you go, do leave a comment and tell us us what you think of our Moldovan Souvenirs.

So, how do you like them?


21 thoughts on “We Heart Moldova

  1. wow! patriotik! Respect!
    Foarte frumusele accesoriile. De unde ai gasit stofa. din cite stiu e foarte scump. cel putin cind m-am interesat de un batik de al babushkai, ap’ m-am mirat de costul sau.

    Spor la vinzari!


    1. multumesc!

      Stofa am gasit’o cam greu – dar am gasit’o 🙂 In cel mai rau caz, avea sa mergem sa la sat, sa le cumparam de la batrinele, pentru ca deobicei ele au mai multe in stoc 🙂

      hug moldovenesc 🙂


  2. I think this is such a great idea! I liked it from the moment you mentioned you wanted to do something for Moldova.

    Seeing your love for our country is an encouragement for many people around us. I pray and hope God’s blessings over Moldova and I hope you continue to share the spark and inspire hope in many people.

    Besides, these items make awesome souvenirs!


    1. Thank you for the support – it couldn’t have been done without you! I might have to write a new post “I Heart My Husband” 🙂


  3. Do you sell and ship to the US? I’d love to buy some hair bows. and the rosettes. Can you make the broaches into barrettes? They are gorgeous Elena! I totally love the fabrics you chose!!!


    1. Beth – we might do in the future, we’ll just have to figure out a way to do that!
      If a team from CA is coming this summer, we could send them through them. Would that work?
      We might have other Moldovan accessories until then, too.
      Thank you so much for the encouraging words, beautiful!


  4. Oh Elena! I get it now! I thought you were making the head scarves but I see now you are using them to turn their beautiful colors into delightful accessories. Every item is useful, colorful and designed with such fun. We are very happy to encourage and share.


    1. Beth – thank you 🙂
      I probably didn’t do a very good job explaining. But yes, this is exactly what we’re planning to do: make pretty and modern accessories out of Moldovan batic. We’re working on more ideas now, so this is only the beginning!
      Really glad you like it!


  5. Hey, you are such creative and talented…Lucky Igor!
    Thank you very much for the gift you sent to me…I received it today. Now I have a new book mark for the books I’m reading =)
    Thank you very much!

    May the good Lord bless you both RICHLY! 😉

    In Him,


  6. I love the fabrics Elena! The bows and bookmarks are my favorites, and I think the flowers would make adorable barrettes, and might be more marketable that way.


    1. Thank you, Jill! I’ve always admired your sense of style, so appreciate your comments 🙂

      We’ll probably have the girls make bookmarks and bows – they’ve proved very popular! And we have som new colours, too.

      Btw, did you see the latest pics I posted of the FH kiddies on my FB? They’re adorable! Miss you!


  7. So happy to see your continued passion for people expressed in such a beautiful way…love the colors and can’t wait to see more..you are precious to the Lord and all who know you.


    1. Maile – thanks so much for all your heart-warming words! You are such an encouragement and inspiration and I’m blessed to know you. Hug!


  8. The scarf material book marks were a very big hit with my friends and family that received them!! I’ll be needing a few more soon. 🙂

    And the bow and brooche were a hit too. 🙂

    Of course, I can’t wait to wear my purple brooche.


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