One Sure Way to Make Time to Read

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I’m being asked again and again how I manage to find time to read. Frankly, I’m never quite sure – I just do. In fact, I rarely have enough time to read as much as I’d like to.

There is one thing I do that helps, though. I will share it with you. To make time to read, here’s what you need to do:

Take a break from the internet.

No way! I didn’t just write that! But I did.

Sundays are when I take a break from the internet – my offline day, so to speak. I watch a movie with friends, or read on my Kindle but I DO NOT turn my computer on or go online.

Although Sunday is still a busy day, with the Church service in the morning and visiting family and friends, I still end up having some time to read. In fact, I like having this internet-free time so much that I sometimes make Saturday an offline day, too.

Impossible for geeks?

I’m a bit of a geek myself, so I know this is hard. It sounds impossible, or at least unnecessary. It’s not like I’m addicted (of course not, don’t be ridiculous!) and I can’t live without technology – my phone, my Facebook, my Twitter, my e-mails, my this, that and the other. It’s just a part of my life now, it’s how I do my job and stay connected with the people in my life. Still, a little break doesn’t hurt. Quite the opposite.

How long a break?

You don’t need to take a whole day off. You can take half a day, or at least a few hours break. Switch off your phone, your iPad, your laptop and whatever other gadget that connects you to the internet. You will find yourself bored in no time. If you like books in the slightest, you WILL pick one up.

What if you still don’t read?

Even if you take this break and don’t read – it’s worth it. You’ll have time to spend with dear ones, do some thinking, cook something delicious or have pure offline fun. Think of it this way – you’ll have material to tweet and facebook about the whole next day.

I won’t mind if you don’t even finish reading this and take a break right away. Do come back and let me know how it was!


Are you a technology addict, too? Do you ever take breaks from it? How do you make time to read?


p.s. The awesome featured picture was taken by my husband, Igor. Thank you, world’s best.


13 thoughts on “One Sure Way to Make Time to Read

  1. What if, that one day of “internet-free” day, surely is in my weekly schedule. But still not enough time to read? When all the free time is reserved by children? Surely need an extra day in a week…seven days aint enough!!!


    1. Lilea – you’re right there, there’s never enough time to do all we want to do! I’ll have to figure out a way to find time to read when I have children, too. I’ll make sure to write a blogpost about it then 😉 But if I have adorable girlies like yours, I probably wouldn’t mind reading less 🙂

      You can also give audiobooks a try – I could sugest a few. They’re great to listen on the way to and back from work and when we’re out and about.
      Igor wrote about audiobooks here:

      glad to see you here!


  2. Thank you for sharing such a good information Elena!

    Even though I’m not a “Technology Guy” 😛 it is a very helpful information. I have to share with my friends! =)



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