One Book to Read this Spring



Spring is always welcome.

Not once have I heard someone say that they’d rather winter last longer, not even winter’s biggest fans. Mind you, I’m not one of those fans, so I am thrilled spring is here.

To make this spring even better, here’s a book that I recommend you read:

Three Men in a Boatby Jerome K. Jerome

This one’s a classic. And a hilarious one, too. Packed-full with stories that have become so famous, that you’re bound to recognize at least some of them. (Side-note: Famous can mean that you might find them cheesy or cliche, which doesn’t hurt the fun one little bit).

Plot-wise, it’s a book about three Londoners who go on a boat trip on the Thames. As they do so, they get themselves into some giggle-inducing situations and tell some seriously humorous stories. It’s not necessarily the plot that makes this book captivating, but the lighthearted and witty writing.

I read Three Men in a Boat one spring, when I was having a bout of bronchitis. Fever or not, I was literally laughing out loud while reading it. And you know what they say: laughter is the best medicine.

I might also like this book because it speaks of places I’ve visited myself (only about 120 years later): Waterloo Station in London, Hampton Court Palace, Weybridge, Kingston. With this, I admit to being somewhat biased.

So, whether you get sick this spring or not – and I wholeheartedly hope you don’t – I recommend you pick up Three Men in a Boat and have yourself a Merry Spring. (Another side-note: there is even an Audiobook version of Three Men in a Boat read by Hugh Laurie, you can try that for the added fun).

When you do so, let me know how you liked it!

Any other books you’d recommend for this Spring?


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