How To Make A Bookmark

Gribook Accessories Bookmarks are adorable, aren’t they?

Those of you who have one of our bookmarks, give us a shout – how do you like them? 

Today we have a treat for crafty bookworms – we’ll show you how we make our bookmarks.

What you need

You will need a simple cotton fabric – we suggest one with a colourful pattern. Depending on how thick the fabric is, you will need to decided whether you need interfacing or not. If the fabric is thick, it’ll do on it’s own. If you use a thin fabric, like we did – use the interfacing, which is a special, almost transparent fabric, that will glue to the fabric when ironed, giving it a little more rigidity.

You will also need a ruler, tailor’s chalk/soap and a sewing machine.  (The pencil and the seam ripper are on the picture simply to make it look better, but they might come in handy.)

What you do

You start by cutting the fabric. Bookmarks come in various sizes – we suggest 17 x 12 cm – but you can make them however big or small you want them.

You iron the tow pieces of fabric together. This is when the interfacing melts and glues to the main fabric, giving it the extra rigidity. Then you make small “ears” for the bookmark – and it’s really up to you how you make them, loads of possibilities here, like having buttons instead, bows or not have anything at all. You fold it in half, with the interfacing on top.
Then, sewing wonders. (Make sure you sew it on the inside the first time around!)

You then reverse it, and tuck the ends in – they’re always prettier with a touch of tender loving care in the process. Before you reverse it, make sure to cut the corners slightly, so they don’t look too chunky later. Put the “ears” in and secure them with a pin.

Finally, you sew the bookmark again, along straight lines 1/2 cm from the edge. Ironing the end product is not a must, but it does make it look much neater and altogether prettier.

What you get

Here’s the ready-made bookmark!

You can find more of our bookmarks, and other bookish products on the Gribook Accessories page, on Facebook:

Gribook Accessories

Let us know if you’d like to order some bookmarks.

Don’t forget to tell us how you like them, if you have one of our bookmarks! 

And let me know if you try to make your own bookmark, too!


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