As we’re approaching the 1 Year Gribook Anniversary, there are a few THANK YOUs (yes – big, huge, massive thanks) to say to a wonderful few.

No bookworm is an island. So, this one is for the people who’ve been generously supporting my reading habits – by being an inspiration, by providing me with books, or by engaging in books-related activities and discussions.

El Elohim

El Elohim is an ancient Hebrew name for God the Creator. First and foremost, I have my Creator to thank. Yes it might sound cheesy (like I’m trying to emulate celebrities who involve God in their every Grammy/Oscar speeches). The fact that I’ve eyes to see, mind to comprehend, hands to hold books with and a whole lot of other essentials that make it possible for me to read leaves me in awe of His goodness.

I can’t thank You enough, Lord.

My Mum

She’s my hero. Not only did she go through the excruciatingly painful process of giving birth to me, gave me the extraordinary gift of a sister, and brought me up to be a sane person (please let me keep thinking that). She also taught me to read. This process in itself might’ve exceeded the pain she experienced during labour, because it lasted longer, but it was well worth it.

Mum, thank you.


My husband  has always inspired me, challenged me and shared my enthusiasm. In fact, has only happened because Igor encouraged me to embark on this blogging adventure, volunteering to make a pretty design for me. He also lets me spend considerable amounts of our budget on books –  and believe me, having a bookworms wife can be a costly affair.  He’s love and support  are indispensabile to me because he’s just that awesome.

Shouldn’t forget to mention that he tops my 10 Favourite Bookworms list.


This is the person who did more than hook me to Alexander McCall Smith’s books. Joan regularly sends books by post from UK to Moldova from 2005 to the present day. She has also taken good care of me the two years I studied in the UK (took me on the most amazing roadtrips to Devon, Cornwall, Wales), and taught me how to find incredible deals on books in Charity Shops.


Who needs a Fairy Godmother when one has a Fairy Bookmother? My boss, mentor and friend – Nancy’s always provided me with great, life-changing books as well as entertaining, easy-reads that coloured my winter days. Together with her husband Andy, they have the best personal library in English in Moldova, I’m pretty sure.

One of the most avid readers I know, she’s also an excellent wife, mother and leader. I so want to be like her when I grow up.

My fellow bookworms

You know who you are: Heidi, Taniusha, Alisa, Mariana, Irina, Zina, Ana, Mihaela, Ana B. I never get tired of discussing books with you and sharing in the reading fun – you’re awesome.

The generous bunch

You’re the ones who’ve blessed me with books: Paul, Sara, Amber, Sandra, Sally and Elise, Beth, Laura, etc. I can’t thank you enough!


Like I said, I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you.

Do you have anyone who has influenced or inspired your readings? Care to share? 


One thought on “Acknowledgments

  1. I love your accessories! I want to give this as a gift to my 16 year old sister who is the biggest bookworm I know. When I was living in Klaipeda this past year she was very lonely and I missed her very much, I would love to give her this piece of appreciation from my home of last winter


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