Giveaway Winner

In my last post, I held a Book Sleeve Giveaway and showed you how we make a Book Sleeve at Gribook Accessories.

Three ladies answered this very simple question:  What is the last book you enjoyed reading and why?

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How We Make a Book Sleeve

Book Sleeves are a must, as we’ve already concluded here.

Today, the Gribook Accessories bunch will share with you all the ins and outs of making a fabric Book Sleeve and we’ll have a GIVEAWAY at the end. Oh, the excitement!

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One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp


My mind keeps going back to this book weeks after I read it. It is hauntingly inspiring.

One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp 

Ann Voskamp will enthrall you with the sheer beauty of her writing and the simplicity, yet depth of her message.

Live an emptier, fuller life.

One Thousand Gifts feels like you’re reading poetry but it challenges you like a self-help book. It is neither of those.  More of an honest modern-day psalm, this is where Ann learns to hold tight to joy and be grateful to God for every moment, and shares her insights along the way. She also writes a superb blog here.

Like Ann, I’ve also started a log of the precious moments in my life, great or small. I won’t be doing a lot of talking, though. I’ll let Ann Voskamp do the talking for herself.

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Book and Book Sleeve Giveaway

On Monday, July 9th, Gribook was exactly one year old! That called for a celebration, which my husband and I had dutifully performed over lunch and cheesecake.

But it also calls for a GIVEAWAY. And we have a winner – Cristina Putuntica – telling you more about it in the next post.


To celebrate this one year journey of blogging adventure, we’re giving away not one, but TWO GIFTS.

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7 Most Popular Posts


This is post number #50.

The last post of the first year of – sorry if I confused you. To put it plainly – it’s a pretty special post for me and for this Gribook venture.

As there’s a total of 50 articles now on, today’s post will help you navigate through them.

The best place to start is with 7 articles you –  my fellow bookworms – liked best. As a bonus, I’ve added 7 articles that I like best.

Please pick and choose and … read them all!

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