7 Most Popular Posts


This is post number #50.

The last post of the first year of Gribook.me – sorry if I confused you. To put it plainly – it’s a pretty special post for me and for this Gribook venture.

As there’s a total of 50 articles now on Gribook.me, today’s post will help you navigate through them.

The best place to start is with 7 articles you –  my fellow bookworms – liked best. As a bonus, I’ve added 7 articles that I like best.

Please pick and choose and … read them all!

7 Most Popular Posts

1. Introducing Gribook Accessories

Where the adventure began + how to make a Kindle sleeve tutorial.

2. Reading Challenge Completed

I have set to read 50 books last year and I did!

3. How I Read 50 Books a Year

This is how I managed to read those 50+ books in 2011.

4. Bad News

Some books I just can’t bring myself to finish.

5. Reader, I Married Him

A post-wedding and honeymoon article + some books on relationships.

6. How We Made a Book Cake

Sharing about how Kalyna and I made a book-shaped cholocate cake + the delicious recipe.

7. We Heart Moldova 

Launching a gorgeous collection of Moldovan Souvenirs!

7 Other Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

1. One Sure Way to Make Time to Read

2. Books vs. Audiobooks

3. Why You Need a Book Sleeve

4. My 2012 To-read List 

5. Free Bookworm Wallpapers 

6. How to Make a Bookmark

7. Dear Amazon


There might be articles on Gribook.me you liked, that I didn’t mention here. If you think they are worth reading, please share in comments.

Which one was your favourite Gribook.me article? 



2 thoughts on “7 Most Popular Posts

  1. Elena, thank you for sharing with us!
    I would say that I am in love with each article you share…It is a little bit difficult to answer your question, however, I would say that “Reader, I Married Him” and “One Sure Way to Make Time to Read” are two of my favorite articles (I read both several time 😀 )
    Blessings in Christ,


    1. Niko – good to see you here, like always! And thank you for your generous support – again, like always 🙂
      Yes, I like the marriage post a lot, too – for reasons that are obvious 🙂
      Will we be meeting you at LCC this fall?


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