Giveaway Winner

As promised, I’m announcing the winner of the Wednesday giveaway. Thank you all who entered – fun comments, by the way – and thank you for stopping by Gribook and Gribook Accessories. Do come back!

The Winner of the Book and Book Sleeve Giveaway is:

Cristina Putuntica

Cristina shared about her Zebra-personality and both the Book and the Book Sleeve fit her perfectly. The Miracle at Speedy Motors is a book about Africa, so zebras will come into the picture at some point or another. And the Book sleeve is striped in a very zebra-like fashion. Perfect, right?

So I hope you enjoy your prezzies, Cristina! And we’d love to see some pics of you using them (*hint *hint).


Anna Lisnic

I just had to appreciate your artistic comments and sheer determination! You get another book from my library as a gift – Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte.

Alicia, Ileancik, Elena, Evelina and Nazilea

You get a discount for Gribook Accessories Book Sleeves. You can choose any of the Book Sleeves we have in our  Available Items album and pay not 125 MDL, but ONLY 75 MDL!

Thank you all so much for your comments –  you seem like pretty awesome bookworms!


So how did you like the giveaway? Would you like me to have more in the future? Would you prefer books or bookish accessories as gifts?



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