Giveaway Winner

In my last post, I held a Book Sleeve Giveaway and showed you how we make a Book Sleeve at Gribook Accessories.

Three ladies answered this very simple question:  What is the last book you enjoyed reading and why?

Thank you for sharing and for the recommendations. I was quite sneaky about this, actually – getting some good book recommendations was what I had in mind all along. I’m especially intrigued by Daniel Gilbert’s Stumbling on Happiness, that Lena P has recommended – might pick it up sometime soon.

So, I drew the winner and I’m glad to tell you that the winner is:



Congratulations to you, Lina! You get our Gribook Accessories Book Sleeve!  I will be contacting you by e-mail asap, to make sure you pick it up.

Lena P and Olesea – you can also get a discount from Gribook Accesories, if you purchase any item from our Available Items album, here:

Gribook Accessories


Again, congratulations to you, Lina!


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