The Awesomness of Libraries

Libraries are underestimated.

Thousands of books, available to readers at none or little cost. That’s awesomness, right there.

For the first time in a while, I have access to a libarary. I didn’t get any book the first time I stepped foot there, however weird. But the second time, I could not resist.

The first two books I borrowed from the library.

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Bookworm Moves to Lithuania


Klaipeda welcomed us with windy weather and sunny people.

We are here for about two weeks already and liking it better every day. Especially now that we’re getting used to the deceiving bright sun, the frequent (and unexpected) showers and chilly wind.

Weather report aside, we have settled in and are happy to call this place home for the following year. I’m having Orientations and Trainings, and meeting a lot of friendly and inspiring people. The only thing that is missing are the students. Not to worry though, they’ll be here soon.

Now on to bookish impressions.

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Gribook Accessories: Closing Shop

A lot of you have asked, so here is why Gribook Accessories is closing shop.

My husband Igor and I are moving to Klaipeda, Lithuania for a year. I will be teaching and heading the Leadership Development Program at LCC International University. Olga, who does the sewing for Gribook Accessories, will be leaving for Odessa soon, to help start a Home for Survivors of Human Trafficking.

I would say these are not bad reasons to say goodbye, Gribook Accessories and hello, new adventures!

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