Bookworm Moves to Lithuania


Klaipeda welcomed us with windy weather and sunny people.

We are here for about two weeks already and liking it better every day. Especially now that we’re getting used to the deceiving bright sun, the frequent (and unexpected) showers and chilly wind.

Weather report aside, we have settled in and are happy to call this place home for the following year. I’m having Orientations and Trainings, and meeting a lot of friendly and inspiring people. The only thing that is missing are the students. Not to worry though, they’ll be here soon.

Now on to bookish impressions.

Book Shops
Have checked a couple, but most books are in Lithuanian. Obviously. As wonderful as the language is, I highly doubt I’ll be reading in Lithuanian anytime soon. I did find some English titles by Nicholas Sparks, and a few classics, but nothing too exciting. They’re a rarity so quite pricey, too. I’ll just have to stick to buying my books on the Kindle.

I haven’t had access to a library since my Uni days (about 4 years ago), so I can’t wait to take advantage of the fact that I have access to 25,000 books, that I can borrow and read any time.

I have already skimmed through the shelves and found a few titles of interest – Henry Nouwen books, Diplomacy by Henry Kissinger (I never got to finish it), a biography of Henry Kissinger by Walter Isaacson (I liked his writing, so I plan to read a few more of his books),  True North by Bill George and some intriguing books on Marketing and Leadership.

Next week I’ll tell you more about the first books I borrowed from the Library.

This year will be an exciting and busy one. I’ll do my best to keep posting every Wednesday, so please keep coming back to read this bookworm’s snippets of life.

Iki! (See you later, Lithuanian style)

p.s. Isn’t my new Kindle Sleeve a cutie? See, the featured pic is not totally unrelated to this post.


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