The Awesomness of Libraries

Libraries are underestimated.

Thousands of books, available to readers at none or little cost. That’s awesomness, right there.

For the first time in a while, I have access to a libarary. I didn’t get any book the first time I stepped foot there, however weird. But the second time, I could not resist.

The first two books I borrowed from the library.

The Little Book of Emmerging Markets, by Mark Mobius

Not quite the book I thought it is. I was interested in a book about business opportunities in developping countries, but this is a book on stock investments. Even so, it makes quite a fascinating read – unexpectedly so, given the subject matter. So I was oscillating between finishing and ditching it – and decided on the latter.

The Courage to Teach, by Parker J. Palmer

Again, a little different from what I imagined. I expected tips and practical advice – a quick fix, pretty much. Instead, the author is exploring the inner world and motivations of a teacher, and how identity and integrity are key in educating the next generations. Parker J. Palmer does give advice, but it is of a mindset-changing sort, insightful and inspiring.

With both books, my expectations were not exactly met, but The Courage to Teach ended up being a very useful read – you should see all my notes!

The great thing is that, having borrowed these two books from the library, I can return them and leave it at that. Imagine if I bought them and didn’t like them – it would’ve been a waste. How is this not awesome?

Do you like libraries? Do you get books from libraries much?


11 thoughts on “The Awesomness of Libraries

    1. Nikolina – yes, I like buying books, too!
      But when you invest in a personal library, it’s very sad to leave it behind when you move. I know, because I have had to say goodbye to my great library back home. Good that I have half of my library on Kindle, and that goes with me, wherever I go!


  1. I like both, bookstores and libraries a lot! I can get lost for hours exploring titles and flipping pages. The difference with the library is that I can go home with a few books without having spent $30-$50 every few weeks, obviously. I have a soft spot for libraries, because during my Uni days our Design library gave me access to about 10 thousand books (most design books cost over $50 because of the colour print), and I enjoyed the library’s subscriptions to 8 major design magazines. That was the best resource for learning design that I can think of.


  2. Elena, I did the same last year and I was thinking about my books during all academic year. I was scared if any of those would receive any mold because I packed into boxes and I put them in the balcony.
    Honestly, I hate reading books from Pc or Kindle. I love to have a book with me and to flip its pages. 😀
    Igor, I know what you mean. Bookstores are my weakness. Often I go to buy one or two books but I go out of the store with two bags full of books 😥
    Is the only place that tempt me and I spend all money I have.


    1. Never say never, Nikolino 🙂 I always strongly disliked ebooks and vowed that they’ll never take the place of actual books. And they haven’t – holding a book in my hands is still the best thing ever. But the Kindle has very quickly become the second best.

      On a different note, any books from the LCC library you’d recommend?


  3. I need to find a library here in Chisinau; a quiet place where I can get cozy and read or study. I miss the wonderful smell of a library.

    Do we have a public library here in Chisinau for people who are not connected to a university? (or a citizen of Moldova!)

    Since I live overseas, I am very thankful for my kindle. But I miss the thrill of checking out a book from the library, exploring the isles of bookshelves, the feel of a book in my hands, placing a book mark between the pages and the smell of the pages as you open the book. 🙂


    1. Heidi – I wish I could help, but I don’t know any good libraries in Chisinau, either.

      We have plenty of libraries for children (my fav places growing up, when I had no money to buy books or go read in cafes!) and a few for students/professors. I don’t really know any “adults” who use libraries…

      But you know what? That’s an idea – maybe one day I’ll start a private library, where people can do just that – come borrow books, and enjoy them over a cup of tea or coffee 🙂


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