Books to Read this Fall


Fall has started and this is going to be a busy one!

Of course, there is always room for some reading time, so let me share some titles I have on my to-read list for the beautiful autumn ahead of us. (Can you tell that fall is my fav season?)

A New Name, Emma Scrivener

A book I’m excited about beyond words. This because I have been following Emma’s blog for a while – she is a lady of beautiful courage and honesty. And because she has sent me this book to review – told you it’s exciting! I’ve already set apart a few hours of uninterrupted reading time for A New Name, so expect to hear more on it soon.

True North, Bill George

Igor, my husband, has been recommending this for a while. It is a book on leadership and identity, which are both of great interest to me. Marlene Wall – LCC President – speaks highly of this book, too – which is one more reason to get around to reading it!

The Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela

Great Leaders, Great Lessons – this is the theme of the  (awesome) LCC Leadership Development Program for 2012-2013. Nelson Mandela is one of the extraordinary leaders we will be talking about, so reading his autobiography is mandatory. I plan on getting my hands on other biographies of his, because I have a feeling that Mr. Mandela will be too modest and underestimate his efforts and impact in changing the world around him.

The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson

This was a book my friend Nancy recommended, and I bought it right away. I’ve been looking forward to reading it, because prayer is something you can never know too much about.

Quiet, Susan Cain

Books that explain and celebrates introverts are rare. Being an introvert, this is a must-read for me. You’ll need to check out Susan Cain’s TED talk – she’s an incredible spokesperson for introverts all over the world. About time people realise that being introverted doesn’t mean you’re a gray mouse, but that we can be leaders, we can take initiative and we can make a difference just as well as anybody (extroverted) else. It just so happens that we enjoy our own company, too.

I hope there will be time for some fiction amongst my fall reads, because I will need something to unwind. But this is my to-read list for now.

Any books you plan to read this fall? Do share!


3 thoughts on “Books to Read this Fall

  1. I just bought THE CIRCLE MAKER also. The book came with our last team. Since it is on the topic of prayer, I felt it was a book that I needed to hold in my hands and underline with my pen. 🙂 Looking forward to reading it!


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