4 Books I Borrowed From the Library

I am very fond of my Kindle.

But every now and then I crave a regular, “real” book. I miss holding paper in my hand, I miss hearing the pages as I turn them, I miss using one of my numerous bookmarks. In such desperate times, I have a personal library to turn to. That is now thousands of miles away. In Klaipeda, I have the LCC Library that comes to the rescue.

Because I was have exactly this sort of craving, I popped in to the Library last week. Of course, I got lost in there for about 3 hours. Good I had no pressing meeting or job-related tasks that day. The result of my visit was a bundle of 4 promising, and very real books.

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Free Leadership Wallpapers

Let me start with an apology.

I have not been able to honour my promise to continue writing here every week. I am sorry about that. With my new life in Lithuania and my new job at LCC International University, blogging has moved lower down on my priority list. Reading, however, hasn’t.

To put it plainly, when I have to choose between reading or blogging about reading, I choose the first.

I have just finished Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, The Long Walk to Freedom, and am currently reading (slowly) True North, by Bill George. I have written about my intention about reading them here.  Both are books I strongly recommend. After posting this article, I’m going to go ahead and start a novel – I haven’t read one in a while and my brain will appreciate the getaway.

This being said, I miss writing on gribook. And I miss the dialogue with you wonderful readers.

In order to make it up for my inconsistency, Igor and I are sharing with you a couple of:

Free Leadership Wallpapers

I picked two of the great quotes I shared in one of my Leadership Development Program talks, and Igor made them look pretty, so that you can put them on your desktop (in a few sizes) or use as a FB cover.

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The Case for Servant Leadership, by Kent M. Keith

This is Servant Leadership Week at LCC, and we have a series of events happening:  fundraising for Kiva, blood donation, lectures and discussions in our First Year Seminar classes. Between preparing a talk on Nelson Mandela: A Servant Leader for this coming Friday, and planning a PhotoLesson/discussion with tea and cookies for my FYS group tomorrow,  this is a busy week for me.

As part of my preparation for the talk on Friday, I read a book that has inspired me. I couldn’t let pass the opportunity of sharing about it with you.

The Case for Servant Leadership, by Kent M. Keith 

Servant Leadership is a fairly new philosophy of leadership, but it is becoming more and more known and hopefully, more and more practiced around the globe. Because of its increasing popularity, many ask:

What is servant leadership? 

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