The Case for Servant Leadership, by Kent M. Keith

This is Servant Leadership Week at LCC, and we have a series of events happening:  fundraising for Kiva, blood donation, lectures and discussions in our First Year Seminar classes. Between preparing a talk on Nelson Mandela: A Servant Leader for this coming Friday, and planning a PhotoLesson/discussion with tea and cookies for my FYS group tomorrow,  this is a busy week for me.

As part of my preparation for the talk on Friday, I read a book that has inspired me. I couldn’t let pass the opportunity of sharing about it with you.

The Case for Servant Leadership, by Kent M. Keith 

Servant Leadership is a fairly new philosophy of leadership, but it is becoming more and more known and hopefully, more and more practiced around the globe. Because of its increasing popularity, many ask:

What is servant leadership? 

Kent M. Keith answers this question with detail and clarity, to the point where you don’t just get it, but you want to live it, you want to become a leader who serves first.

I will let Kent M. Keith do the talking for me, and share a few quotes from the book with you:

  1. A servant leader is simply a leader who is focused on serving others.
  2. Servant Leaders are not worried about the attention others pay to them, but the attention they pay to others.
  3. The issue for the servant-leaders is not how to control others, but how to build strong positive relationships with others
  4. Servant leaders watch and listen before they take action. The try hard to identify needs, before they try to meet them.
  5. Face the worst in the world with the best in yourself.
  6. The power model is about grabbing. The service model is about giving.
  7. The most effective leaders do not seek power, wealth or fame – they seek to make a difference in the lives of others.
  8. It is hard to be a servant leader if you crave applause.
  9.  Servant Leaders are focused on the work, not the credit.
  10. Servant leadership is a lifelong journey that includes discovery of one’s self, a desire to serve others, and a commitment to lead.

And a few more quotes on leadership by other people, also mentioned in the book:

  1. Only a true natural servant automatically responds to a problem by listening first. ~ Robert Greenleaf
  2. Leadership, like life, is largely a matter of paying attention. ~ James Autry
  3. People who achieve a sense of meaning in their lives are happier than those who live from one pleasure to another. ~ Richard Layard

The Case for Servant Leadership is a short, but excellent resource book for those who are interested in Servant Leadership and the principles that drive it.

Anyone else here familiar with Servant Leadership? Anyone intrigued?


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