An English Bookshop in Stockholm

Stockholm has been on my list of cities to visit ever since my Mum first went there in the late 90’s.

Only last week this dream came true. Even better than just visiting this gorgeousness of a city, I was there with my most dear people in the world – my hubby and my sister. We had a blast.

Let me tell you more about one of the highlights of this trip:

The English Bookshop!

It is rare that I find English Bookshops when I travel in Europe (except for England and airports, obviously), so this was a pleasant surprise. In the middle of Gamla Stan – the Old Town of Stockholm – there was this treasure chest!

I’ll let you peruse the shelves through my camera-lens.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The first book that caught my eye was an Alexander McCall Smith one! He’s one of my favourite fiction authors, and I’m glad to know that the Swedish share my predilection for his books.

I must say, they had an impressive collection of McCall Smith titles!  I’m the happy (and not very modest) owner a collection of McCall Smith roughly as large as this one back in Moldova, and on Kindle. I don’t have the newest books in some of the series yet, but that is hopefully soon to change.

 Mrs. Queen Takes the Train sounds like a fun read, doesn’t it?

 How beautiful are these covers?

 Brightly coloured Penguin Classics and a Mug!

 Hubby was browsing some of books, too.

This intrigued the Sherlock Holmes-fan-me. How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes, by Daniel Smith. 

Free books – take one or swap. What a brilliant, generous idea! I thought it would be unfair for me to take a book considering that I might not be able to bring one back in a while.

The bookshop had other goodies, like postcards, cards, journals and such. Hubby got me the Keep Calm and Carry On postcard – he knows me well enough to know I need it pinned on the pinboard in my office!

This was a special treat: I found Book Covers! Nice, bright colours and in two sizes (M and L), for about  €22. These are the only Book Covers I’ve ever seen sold anywhere but on Etsy. Call me biased (and I am), but I still like the Gribook Accessories Book Covers better!

Not entirely sure these were actual books, but don’t they look adorable in all these bright colours?

For some reasons, I’m drawn to books by Henry Kissinger. This one – Years of Upheaval – is a best-seller, but I have not heard of it before. Need to check it out.

Cooking books are a soft spot. I didn’t bring any with me to Lithuania, so I miss cooking out of a book beautifully adorned with pictures that make your mouth water. This is The Pedant in the Kitchen, by Julian Barnes – not sure I’m a pedant, but it sure does look interesting.

Romanian Writers on Writing, a book by Norman Manes. Interesting.

Pocket-size Jane Austen!

After spending about half an hour – and taking loads of pictures – we ended up not buying anything but a postcard.

I regreted not buying the latest in the Von Igelfeld series by Alexander McCall Smith – The Unusual Uses for Olive Oil. Igor suggested I buy the Kindle version. There’s no point in building a personal library while we’re in Klaipeda, because it won’t be easy to take them back to Moldova. It only makes sense that we didn’t buy it, but I can’t help miss buying books.

Next week I wil be sharing about the other Bookshop we have visited  – The Science Fiction Bookshop. Worth coming back for!

Any bookshop experience you want to share about? Please Do! 

P.S. You might’ve noticed I skipped another Wednesday of posting last week. I will spare you my apologies this time and I will simply accept the fact that the pace of life has changed and so have my priorities, so I will post here as regularly as my schedule (and life) allows. I hope you will understand and continue to come back to read about my bookish adventures!



7 thoughts on “An English Bookshop in Stockholm

    1. Not much, actually. We only popped in on our way to the Royal Palace and said we’ll come back to it again. Which we didn’t. So I’ll have to go to Stockholm again, if only to go to this Bookshop – which is not a bad plan at all 🙂


  1. I understand. I miss carrying my library card in my wallet and borrowing books from the library; browsing the shelves at an English bookstore; and also leaving the bookstore with a big smile because there is a new book in my shopping bag. 😉

    My favorite find from your time at the English bookstore is How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes, by Daniel Smith. I’ll look for that title on Amazon for my kindle!

    Thank you for the tour!



    1. Heidi – I know, sounds very intriguing, right? We do need an English bookshop in Chisinau. AND a cosy library-slash-coffee shop. I’ll start dreaming about it – in Circle Maker style!


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