A Science Fiction Bookshop

A bookstore in Stockholm

Did you think we only went into one bookshop while in Stockholm? Well, you’re mistaken.

There was another bookshop in Gamla Stan (The Old Town) we HAD to check out: The Science Fiction Bookshop.

If wondering why – yes, I do assume you’re the inquisitive kind – then let me tell you. Because my husband Igor is quite the Sci-Fi fan. Under his influence, I have read 3 Sci-Fi books this year already:

Dune, by Frank Herbert

Ender’s Game, by Scott Orson Card

Perelandra, by C. S. Lewis


Considering the fact that I have read 6 Sci-fi books per total in my entire life so far, 3 in a year is quite a feat.

Enough of this, let me tell you more about the bookshop, and show you some pics.

Ender's Game in Igor's hands

We found a few titles we both like: Ender’s Game is one of Igor’s favs and I got to read it while in Stockholm. Aside: half of it I read on the plane there, but this is a mere technicality. A lot of fighting and war, but I enjoyed it because of Ender’s character, who I empathised with pretty much right away.

Bookstore in Stockholm

Come to think of it, I only read 5 Sci-Fi Books and one half. I have read half of Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End way back when I was studying about the UN, at Uni. There must’ve been a reason to stop it midway, but I’m not sure what it was. This stack of Arthur C. Clarke books brought back memories of Uni days when I had very little time to read books I actually enjoy.

Alastair Reynolds

A book hubby found intriguing. Revelation Space, by Alastair Reynolds. He made a mental note to buy it for Kindle.

They had quite a few shelves with Fantasy and Thrillers. This is unexplored ground for me – not sure they’ll ever be explored – except for Chronicles or Narnia, by C. S. Lewis and The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien. They had all of these. Aren’t these covers absolutely beautiful?

Igor Putina, looking at Dune by Frank Herbert

Another book we both read and liked a great deal – Dune, by Frank Herbert. I found the Fremen people fascinating, and Paul’s mother an incredible woman and mentor. Igor liked other parts best, but we had good and long talks about the characters and everything that happened in the book.

Igor Putina, admiring shelves of sci-fiTook a sneaky photo of hubby browsing the shelves.

We had a good visit – again, didn’t buy anything for the same reason as mentioned in the previous post – about the English Bookshop. But it was fun to look around and just be there, in that wonderful place of books and bookish awesomness.

Any of you Science Fiction fans here? Drop us a recommendation or two!


2 thoughts on “A Science Fiction Bookshop

    1. I read an excerpt of that for an English Lang and Lit Class, but never got past that. Might give it a try, or better so – recommend it to hubbby 🙂


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