Global Leadership Summit Books

LCC International University hosted a Global Leadership Summit event a while back, in November.

What is GLS? It is an annual conference organised by Willow Creek and Bill Hybels, where  experts, thinkers, authors from various areas talk on leadership.

This year, I finally got to go. I say finally because I’ve been wanting to go to one since  a couple of years ago, when I first heard about it. We were planning to go with a few coworkers to the one in Odessa, Ukraine – when it got canceled, without any explanation as to why. But God always has a way of giving us the desires of our heart – even if He’s in no rush.

That I enjoyed it, goes without saying. The books they had available for purchase, written by the speakers (past and present) only added to the excitement of it.

This is where I was torn.

I’ve mentioned our decision to refrain from buying books while here.  A physical library, wonderful as I think it is, is not a good option for this time in our lives, as painful as that is to admit. Side-note: This being said, we’ve bought loads and loads of books for Kindle. And I’m getting a lot of them for free thanks to the Inspired Reads blog.

The books sold at GLS: I could look at them, touch them, smell them, take photos of them. But I knew I cannot buy anything.

Take photos we did – both my husband Igor and I! (Grateful for the volunteers who let us do it even without giving us the evil eye.)Will spare you my entire album, but here are a few highlights.

William Ury was one of the speakers, and he talked on negotiation.  He had some very good points, which is why I look forward to reading Getting to Yes – and we have it in LCC Library! (Did you hear that? It was me cheering!)

I have heard of this book before and Igor has read it. Looked interesting and I couldn’t help but smile at the Daniel H. Pink‘s name and all the pink on the cover.

A GLS favourite speaker – Jim Collins – and his new book Great by Choice. My husband Igor has read his two previous books and I’m planning to read Good to Great next year. Excellently researched and written books I hear, and very charismatic easy-going Collins at GLS.

Special thanks to Ausrine, who was one of the volunteers in the book corner, and posed for us, too!

Having read Craig Groeschel before, I was curios to hear him speak. He gave one of the most memorable speeches, talking about how the younger generation should honour the older, and how we should learn to work together to achieve great things in ministry, business, leadership and life.

A past GLS speaker, Jeff Manion was present this year with his The Land Between, a book I’ve heard a lot about. They had a much prettier hard-cover copy, but that was sold before I took photos of it.

Of course, the very loved John Ortberg was also present with two books: When the Game is Over it all Goes Back in the Box, and his newest title: Who is this Man?  He gave a wonderful speech on who Jesus is and what world-changing impact he has had on every single area of life: arts, leadership, education, charity and human rights. One of our neighbours bought Who is this Man? so I’m hoping to give it a read next year.

I have not read any of Bill Hybels’ books yet, and they had a number of them at GLS: Courageous Leadership, Leadership Axioms, The Call to Lead. I’d be lying if I’d stay that it wasn’t the sleek cover design that caught my attention – because that’s exactly what happened. Do remember than never did I deny that I often judge a book by its cover.

A surprise was seeing Peter Scazzero’s Emotionally Healthy Spirituality … in Lithuanian! This is great book, and a manual for leaders who want to become more self-aware. I just had to buy it for a dear Lithuanian friend, and I did!

What is it about buying books that puts this huge grin on my face?

Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels – you buy the book, you get the audiobook, too.

Now please be honest with me: would you have resisted such an offer? I didn’t. But as my husband is a listener and I’m a reader, I have persuade him that it is a good investment. And I’m convinced it is.

This post is incriminating me: it’s proof to the fact that I cannot keep away from buying books. But now that you’ve seen all the options I had, I showed some serious self-restrained, haven’t I?

Any new books you’ve bought? Do brag!


5 thoughts on “Global Leadership Summit Books

  1. Wow … Mă bucur enorm că ai avut ocazia să participi la conferintă. Aş fi vrut şi eu să fiu acolo.
    Foarte interesant articol, mai ales ca-mi aduce aminte şi mie de grămezile de cărţi care ma ispiteau la summit-ul cu Yancey Filea.


    1. Asa de tare mi-i dor de tine, Sandulcik! Da tu ai fost doar la Filea Yancey sau si la GLS, atunci cind ati mers in Romania?
      Tie tare ti-ar fi placut sa vezi traducerile in Lituaniana a speakerilor, apropo: Bilas Haibelsas, Kondoliza Rais, Johns Ortbergas 🙂


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