2012 Reading Challenge


My Goodreads Reading Challenge goal for 2012 was to read 60 books.

I was often behind on my reading schedule and was not sure I’ll complete it. I did, for two reasons:  reading on Kindle and reading non-fiction.

Here we go, the 2012 list:



C. S. Lewis

 Francine Rivers

 Karen Kingsbury

 Mr. Monk Series

 Alexander McCall Smith

Some Stats:

Total: 60 books

Non- fiction: 19 books

Fiction: 41 books

Kindle: 41 e-books (more than half!)

Romanian: 2 books  (needs to change!)

Most read Author: Francine Rivers and Karen Kingsbury with 8 books/each

Book of the Year: One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp (marvelous!)

Discovery of the Year: Malcolm Gladwell (he’s brilliant!)

Won’t go into a long analysis, but you might’ve noticed I like series – which is why I have read so many Francine Rivers and Karen Kingsbury titles, as well as a long-time favourite: Alexander McCall Smith.

The observant reader will notice higher rankings for non-fiction which I can easily explain: I can tolerate a poorly written novel, but NOT a poorly written book that’s supposed to teach me something. Besides, I’m very fussy about giving a non-fiction full stars, so those that get them are quite remarkable.

I have read all but two books on My 2012 To-Read List. The unfortunate two: Real Marriage, Mark Driscoll and A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens are being transferred to my “read at some point in the future” list.

Out of my list of Books To-Read This Fall I have read all but one: Quiet, by Susan Cain. Transfered to the above-mentioned list.

 What does your 2012 reading year look like? 


11 thoughts on “2012 Reading Challenge

  1. This is five books every month! I am amazed by your love for books, discipline in making time to read. ALSO, great list – some of those books, I’d like to read myself.

    Love you, your husband who was next to you most of the time when you were reading.


    1. Thank you, awesomest!
      You should really mention the fact that you read MORE books than your Reading Challenge: 27 instead of 24 as planned. Thanks for supporting my reading habits, too! love


      1. Thanks for encouraging me to participate in the reading challenge. It’s fun to look back at this “past year in books”. Love you, wifey.


  2. My reading challenge for 2012 was 30, but I overcome it on 47…

    1. A Man Name Dave => Dave Pelzer
    2. Essays on Love => Walter A. Trobisch
    3. Love’s Long Journey => Janette Oke

    1. The Man with The Bird on His Head => John Rush
    2. The Secret of Loving => John McDowell
    3. Five Love Languages => Gary Chapman

    1.Tomorrow You Die => Reona Peterson Joly
    2.Between Shades and Gray => Ruta Sepetys
    3.Family: The ties that bind…and gag! => Erma Bombeck
    4.The Gift => Cecelia Ahern
    5.Social Problems. => Dolgon Baker
    6.Poverty, Inequality, And Population. => D. Jayaraj & S. Subramanian
    7.Decesive Issues Facing Christians Today. => john Stott

    1.The Misunderstood Man => Walter Trobisch
    2.A moment of Weakness => Karen Kingsbury
    3.The Hidden Value of A Man => Gary Smalley & John T. Trent
    4.Love is a decision => Gary Smalley & John Trent
    5.The Blessings => Gary Smalley & John Trent

    1.God’s Secret Listener => John Butterworth
    2.Now Why Did I do That? => Ian M.Hay
    3.Christian Family => Carl Mitchell

    1.Battelfield of the Mind => Joyce Meyer
    2.The Measure of A Man => Gene A.Getz

    1.The Shack => William P. Young

    1.The Home, Courtship, Marriage and Children => John R. Rice
    2.When God Writes Your Love Story => Eric and Leslie Ludy
    3.The Prayer Factor => Sammy Tippit
    4.Gone with the Wind, 1st Volume => Margaret Mitchell

    1.Waiting on God => Andrew Murray
    2.Gone with the Wind, 2nd Volume => Margaret Mitchell
    3.Spiritual Leadership => J. Oswald Sanders

    1.Forgiving our Parents, Forgiving ourSelves => David Stoop
    2.The Fourfold blessing of the Tithe => David Emigh
    3. 28 Days with Matthew => Donald S.Tingle
    4.The Alchemist => Paulo Coelho
    5.The Brother’s Keeper => Tracy Groot
    6.In my Dream => Julia Averbeck

    1.Dream Lover => Jean MacIntyre
    2. 101 Amazing Ways To Say I Love You => Cucan Pemo
    3.Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage => Dean Taylor.
    4.The Day the Flowers Died => Ami Blackwelder
    5.When God Whispers Loudly => Chris Hibbard

    1.The Mating => Nicky Charles
    2.A Marriage CAROL => Chris Fabry & Gary Chapman
    3.My Sheep hear my Voice => David Young & David Hickman
    4.Secret of Guidance => F.B.Meyer
    5.How To Overcome Financial Worry => John MacArthur, Jr.


    1. I saw your list on Goodreads, Nikolino – very impressive! I think you would read way more than I do if you’d have a Kindle .
      On your list, I want to read:
      A Marriage Carol, Gary Chapman & Chris Fabry
      A Moment of Weakness, Karen Kingsbury
      The Blessings, Gary Smalley & John Trent
      Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell

      Anything else you’d strongly recommend? What was your top 5?


  3. I don’t know if you read, “When God Writes Your Love Story => Eric and Leslie Ludy”.
    This book inspire me and give me a vision of a love that is truly worth waiting for.

    I would suggest also “Between Shades and Gray => Ruta Sepetys”.

    Best regards,


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