Ann Voskamp Quotes


Out of all the books read in 2012, this has to be my favorite.

One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp

My one criteria for choosing this book was that I will go back to it, again and again. It is beautifully written, beautifully honest and inspiring like few books are.

Given the fact that I have already shared about One Thousand Gifts in a previous post, I have made a few posters with some of my favourite quotes from the book. Hope they inspire you, too!

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2 Best Books on Leadership

Books on leadership are sold by the bucket loads. There’s plenty to choose from, but then how do you do the choosing?

There are 2 books I have found particularly helpful as a leader

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Book Covers Galore

I don’t know about you, but beautiful book covers make me smile. More than that, they inspire me.

So while my husband and I are in Copenhagen, I decided to visit a few bookshops and see if the famous Danish love of good design translated at all into books. Now I’m not expert enough in either design or Danish design, but there were plenty smile-inducing covers to look at, in all three bookshops I’ve had the chance to see.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, but they were taken with my iPod, while pretending that I’m not taking pics, but simply looking at it from an awkward distance. I’m sure the shopkeepers knew what I was doing, but they graciously let me continue.

Also, please do keep in mind that I have not read these books so I am not advertising their content.

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