Dilemma: 2013 Reading Challenge

I’m hooked on Goodreads Reading Challenge.

In 2011 I have set to read 50 books – have read 54.

In 2012 the goal was to read 60 books – have read 64.

What reading goal should I set for 2013?

Read 70 books

It only makes sense to up my goal. I have been able to read more last year because of my Kindle and because I’ve discovered a few fiction authors and series I have read in one breath. If this doesn’t change, I have every chance to accomplish the 70 books/year feat.

Read 60 books

I can keep it steady, with 60 books/year. I have achieved it last year and odds are I’ll be able to do a repeat in 2013. The only challenge in this will be to keep my reading steady.

Read 50 books

This makes little sense, but I’m seriously considering setting a lower goal. 50 books/year seems little now (in comparison), but my gut is telling me that this year might be busy so I shouldn’t aim too high. Besides, I want to enjoy books and not worry about whether or not I reach a goal. Not much of a challenge though, is it?

Here’s where I need our advice.

What do you recommend I do: up my challenge to 70 books/year, keep it at 60 books/year or lower it to 50 books/year?


8 thoughts on “Dilemma: 2013 Reading Challenge

    1. Totally with you on this one, Anna! There are so many books out there, I keep adding and adding to my to-read list and hoping there’ll be enough time to read them all. I very much hope there’ll be books or something similar in heaven 🙂

      Thanks for the advice – somehow, I still find 70 an intimidating number of books, even though it’s only a little extra.


  1. Hey there,
    I am confident that you can do 70, and it’s most likely you’ll read 74. 🙂 But I must agree with the bit about enjoying the books rather than being stressed about making the mark.

    But I’d give 70 a try, like Anna suggested.


  2. I’d go for 70, it’s just 10 more books. My personal goal for 2013 is 30, 20 more than in 2012. But I think it depends on what your practical priorities are for 2013.


    1. You’re right about that – it’s the personal priorities that keep me from setting a higher challenge. This might be a busy year. Although who knows, I usually need my daily fix of non-fiction when life gets hectic! Thanks for the advice, Paul.


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