My 2013 To-Read List

I’ve not always planned a to-read list at the beginning of the year. Having enjoyed it thoroughly last year – and having been able to go back to it when wondering what book to read next – I’ve decided to make it a tradition.

Here is my new, bright and shiny:

2013 to-read list

The Creative Call, by Janice Elsheimer
Recommended by my friend Nancy, a book on how to rediscover your artistic gifts and put them to good use, for God’s glory.

The Forgotten God, by Francis Chan
A book about the Holy Spirit that both my husband and I have been meaning to read. We’re reading it together.

Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott
My husband’s been recommending this book on writing for a while.

The Story of my Experiments with the Truth, by Mahatma Gandhi
Will be exploring the life and leadership lessons of Gandhi, for the Leadership Development Program.
The Meaning of Marriage, by Timothy Keller
I’m surprised I still haven’t read another book by Keller, because I like his writing. This one’s a good choice, as I’d also like to read something on married life.
What the Dog Saw, by Malcolm Gladwell
The 2012 discovery of the year – Malcolm Gladwell. I can’t wait to start on another book of his.
My So-called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife, by Sara Horn
I need a dose of books for women only, lest I forget how encouraging they can be. It’s good to be reminded that my womanhood-related-quirks are the norm.
Confessions of a Prayer Slacker, by Diane Moody
A book on prayer that promises to be very different, and very down-to-earth.

Of course, I’m leaving room for surprises along the way.  I have embraced the fact that I might not actually get around to reading all of these. After all, the year’s long enough for something that piques my curiosity now to lose it’s appeal in a few months.

What do your reading plans look like? Any books you have on your to-read list?

P.S. I have set my Reading Challenge at 50 books. Thank you, dear friends who’ve advised me one way or another. Every choice had an equal amount of supporters either on Gribook, Facebook or offline (yes, there’s life beyond the computer!) so it was still hard to decide. I settled on 50 books/year because it looks like a busy year ahead and I don’t want to rush through books. Not saying I won’t read more than 50 if time allows!


3 thoughts on “My 2013 To-Read List

  1. My reading challenge for 2013 is 50 also! 🙂
    I’m reading the third book for this month and I’m enjoying so much this beautiful “JOURNEY”.


    1. That’s good progress, I’m afraid I can’t boast about the same. May God bless you with many wonderful books on this journey, Nikolino!


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