2 Best Books on Leadership

Books on leadership are sold by the bucket loads. There’s plenty to choose from, but then how do you do the choosing?

There are 2 books I have found particularly helpful as a leader

True North

by Bill George and Peter Sims

A book about leadership in general, with numerous examples from the life of acclaimed leaders, CEOs and businessmen.

The Making of a Leader

by Dr. J. Robert Clinton

This focuses on leading as a ministry, on the different stages that a Christian leader goes through over a lifetime.

These are not books about shortcuts, quick tips and instant fixes. In the words of Bill George:

The starting point to growing as a leader – and as a person, too is to look at your story so far. In both books, we are encouraged to do some soul-searching: to go back to the families we’re from, to the experience we’ve had growing up, to the moments that have had an impact on us way before we even considered a leading position.

The leaders who make the most impact are not cookie-cut. They create their unique blend of experiences, skills and even weaknesses.

George and Clinton both emphasize the importance of a leader’s character. When you want to grow as a leader, it’s your character that needs most chiseling.

In Clinton’s words:

Have you noticed how the best books on leadership focus on character, on relationships, on values? It only makes sense: only a leader who knows who he is can rule over circumstances, rather than let them rule him.

There are other aspects both The Making of a Leader and True North look at: integrity, leading an integrated life, investing in others, leaving a legacy – all playing a part in the quality of your leadership.

Ending with this quote from True North:

If you’re a leader, both these books will prove a useful and invigorating read. You’re welcome to use the quotes for inspiration purposes, too. Let me know if you’d like them in bigger size – I have made them, so I can send them your way.

There are two must-reads in leadership literature: 7 Habbits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey and 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, by John Maxwell. I have not read them yet, so putting them on my to-read list for next year.

Any books on leadership you’d recommend?


5 thoughts on “2 Best Books on Leadership

  1. Thanks for sharing, Elena.I am definitely adding these two books on my MUST READ list, as I am very interested in the subject.Great article!


  2. There is something I would like to recommend.It’s not really a book.It’s actually a blog that contains both articles and podcasts on the subject of leadership.The website is: http://www.michaelhyatt.com I his thoughts really interesting and worth taking into consideration.


    1. Thanks for sharing it here, Cris!
      Like I told you already, Michael Hyatt is a leader I look up to and have found quite a few of his articles very helpful.
      +1 to your recommendation!


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