My 2013 Fiction To-Reads

On the Fiction front, I’m more of a spur-of-the-moment reader. Even so, I do have some books planned:

Read some favourite authors

(who also happen to be prolific, so I never run out of material!):

The Redemption series, by Karen Kinsgbury and Gary Smalley

Marta’s Legacy series, by Francine Rivers

The Unusual Uses For Olive Oil, Alexander McCall Smith

Random fact. When I came up with this list, I didn’t even own a copy of The Unusual Uses For Olive Oil. It was an act of faith that at some point I will get it. Igor bought it for me on the second day, when I had my visit to this Danish Bookshop.

I have read it on the plane to Lithuania, and it caused a bit of embarrassment.  However much I tried, I couldn’t help laughing as I was reading it. Dear stranger sitting next to me, I apologize.

Finish The Space Trilogy

by C.S.Lewis (and my SF read of the year):  That Hideous Strength

Try a new author

 Chasing Sunsets, by Eva Marie Everson

Read a classic

Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell

Fiction I read for relaxation purposes. While others are able to unwind in front of the TV, watching movies or listening to music, a good novel is the only way I can take my mind off things. So the busier I get, the more novels I read.

To put it plainly, I stop thinking about my own worries only when I have other people’s lives to worry about.


How about you? Do you read novels? Anything you want to recommend. 


3 thoughts on “My 2013 Fiction To-Reads

  1. I used to read novels by Alexander Duma when I was much younger. Now I quit and usually read classics or new authors. When I get busy, I usually read just before going to bed. And I find so much pleasure in this little treat in the day!

    I think this year I’ll read a lot of theological books. Augustine’s Confessions, C.S. Lewis and some orthodox authors are already downloaded! =)

    P.S. awesome pic!


    1. You know what? I used to REALLY like Alexander Dumas – I read a couple of his historical novels. Come to think of it, I wonder why I haven’t picked up a book of his in a while.

      Enjoy your to-reads! C.S.Lewis is a great pic 🙂


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