Introducing Gribook Creative

Can’t think of a subtle way to do this, so I’ll just say it:

I started a new project: Gribook Creative. 

What is Gribook Creative? Long story. Care to hear about it? (If not, just skip to the pictures, further down the page.) 

It started with me having a creative retreat and reading this book called The Creative Call, by Janice Elsheimer. My friend Nancy sent me the book, and  although I don’t know why she thought I’d need it, it was the right book at the right time. (That’s almost always the case with the books Nancy gives me!)

Although I can’t exactly put my finger on what “my art” is, I know I definitely have a creative streak, chaotic as it is, and I am set on developing it. I like reading and I find books inspiring, so this is where I started, but with a twist. A visual arts twist.

Gribook Creative will be the place were my experiments with creativity will be on display. 

So if you like the Gribook Creative Facebook Page, this is what you can expect.


More precisely, book photography (yes, I’m aware there’s no such thing, but you know what I mean). Books inspire the photographer in me, and colours, and flowers and all sorts of prettiness. So I’ve upped my standard. I take photos of books on purpose, because I want to get better at it and  because, quite frankly, it gives me joy.


Too strong a word for it, but what else can I call it? I’m learning to make little posters with favourite quotes and such. I’m apprehensive about calling it “design work” because well, I live with a real designer, remember? One look at the work he does, and his ordinary 1-minute-doodles and I know that I’ve a long way to go. But hubby Igor is teaching me a thing or two, and supporting me in my explorations, and that’s enough for now

I’m on Instagram as of late – @eputina – and I take random pics of book-related activities.

If you’re willing to jump on this adventure with me, here’s the place to go to:

Gribook Creative Facebook Page

Oh, and as any beginner, I dearly appreciate all the support and positive feedback I get. So bring it on!

Thank you all 32 wonderful people who liked the page already, without having any idea what it is about.


6 thoughts on “Introducing Gribook Creative

  1. Lena, very funny post =)
    I can tell, sincerely, I LOVE those posts on readings, pics of books and quotes! Knowing that you create those yourself, makes it more special…

    Keep doing that!

    In Christ’s love…


    1. Awww, awesome! Thank you, Vika! Thank you for supporting me in quite a few of my crazy experiments, actually – really appreciate you 🙂 Sending hugs and blessings all the way to Austria!


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