Screensavers for iPhone 5/iPod5

This is another post with bookish visuals. Although I’ve been reading as usual, it seems like I prefer pictures and visuals to words and reviews. I have a feeling it’s temporary and dearly hoping that in time, I’ll find the balance between them both.

So until I’m in an expressing-bookishness-through-words rut, I came across a the following problem:

I can’t find iPod 5 screensavers for bookworms. 

I know, I live a sheltered life. But yes, this is the kind of itty-bitty  nuisance that constitutes a “problem”.

Nonetheless, annoying it is, so I came up with a solution – a few of my own screensavers. Not nearly enough to satisfy the demand, but every little counts, right?

So here are my few minimalistic, yet cheerful screensavers for your iPod 5 or iPhone 5. 

You’re welcome to use them!

Have you come across any cool bookish screen-savers for iPod 5/iPhone 5? Do share!


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