How to Start Reading Again


I used to love reading, but I don’t do it anymore.

If I got one Lithuanian Litas for every time I heard that!

If you can relate, and want to reconect with the bookworm in you, here’s one advic

Yes, pick one single book and read it.

Let me elaborate.

Pick one single book. But pick it well.

Recal what it was that you liked reading best, what was a book that has really made an impact on you in the past? Was it a life-changing non-fiction or a novel that made you stay up all night?

Do some research online, on Amazon or Goodreads, view some ratings. Better yet, ask family and friends for opinions.

If you happen to be blessed by the friendship of a bookworm (like my modest self), ask them for one book they would recommend to you, and only you. If your friends are anything like me, this’ll be better than matchmaking for them. They’ll even do the research for you, just to make sure they come up with a match made in heaven.

Read it. But read it well.

No rush, no stress, no guilt. Pick a pace, a time and a space that is most comfortable and most relaxing. You might want to read it before you go to bed, one chapter a day, or reserve 3 hours of uninterrupted resting time on a Saturday, cosied up in your favourite blanket, in an armchair next to the window and a good cup of tea or coffee to go with it.

Chances are, you will like the experience enough to do a repeat. And another repeat. And another one. Before long, you will have rediscovered the joy of reading!

Now go find that ONE BOOK and let me know if you need any recommendations or suggestions!


5 thoughts on “How to Start Reading Again

    1. Thanks, Paul. That’s what I’ve found, too – I trust recommendations from people who share my values, and know me a little bit.
      But I have picked up some books just because I liked the way the cover looked, or the title – some I regretted, so turned out great choices.
      I also think Goodreads is great for recommendations – not their service per se, but seeing what other friends are reading.


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