Leadership: John C. Maxwell

To begin with, I was skeptical about this book.

When someone claims that they know the laws of leadership – irrefutable, too –  and not only that, but is sure that they’ve also got the exact number of these laws – I just can’t help but be skeptical.

I’ve decided to read The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership though, because I know John C. Maxwell is a highly respected leader and because this book has had a major impact on leadership development ever since it was published. In fact, the book was such a huge success that some of the phrases Maxwell has coined have become clichés by now.

Despite my skepticism,  reading The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership was time well invested.

This book has confirmed to me that good leadership is inextricably linked with character and integrity. Remember I mentioned this? How I’ve been surprised by how good books on leadership always point out to the character of a leader? Well, here’s another one on that list.

Integrity – staying true to his values  – is a key component of a leader’s character.

One of the Laws that spoke to me most is The Law of Process: leadership is not a one-time event, it is a process. It prompted me to share it with the LDP students tomorrow: leadership is something we can get better at, if we work at it day in and day out.

In the same line of thought, Maxwell states that the best leaders are always learning, always growing. I think we’ve been celebrating charismatic and “natural” leaders for so long that we’ve grown to underestimate the fact that to become a successful leader you have to work hard, and keep sharpening your skills. Very few leaders can say that they’re “there”, the place where there’s absolutely nothing else left to learn, nothing left to improve on.

Like I said, some things John C. Maxwell says have already become clichés, but this doesn’t make them any less powerful. I mean, they have become clichés for a reason, right?

These are just some of the insights that I took from this book. I recommend you read it yourself. It’s a fairly quick, straight-forward type read and it is a great book to read as part of your leadership development process.

Have you read The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership? How did you like it? 


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