A Library in Pictures

The other week, my friend Anna and I did a photo session in the LCC Library.

It started a little slow, as I was not in my most photography-inclined of moods.  But Anna was patient and enthusiastic, so before I knew it, inspiration joined us and we had ourselves a lovely photo session.  The blessing of having such a lovely model, inside and out!

If you follow my book photography on  Gribook Creative , you might have noticed my preference for still life, or still books, so to speak.

I like taking photos of books, but portraits are not my strength.  This doesn’t stop me from trying to get better at it. I’ve already made a few photos with both books and people (read beautiful friends).  Here again I am very grateful for very understanding and supportive models – especially Anna, the beauty with the smile that lights up any room (the library, in this particular case).

Know what I mean, about that smile? She’s a joy this girl!

If you read (and understand) Russian, you can follow Anna and her big dreams on Dreaming Ann.


4 thoughts on “A Library in Pictures

  1. I just LOVE that you finally name it : “my book photography” – you are a photographer and just such a talented girl! Pictures taken by you are one of my favorite!
    Thank you for kinds words =)


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