Is Reading a Value?


What are my values? A few weeks back, I took some time to figure it out. I was just done with 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey, and that book prompted some self-evaluation.

I looked at the things that are important to me. Books – or reading – was one of the few that popped up almost immediately. Does that mean that reading is a value of mine?


Education is a value.

What I mean by education is constant growing and continous learning. I am not reffering to formal education only. Education as in learning more about who we are, who our God is, what our talents are, how do we grow as leaders, how do we do relationships, how do we become the best at our jobs – you fill in the rest.

My husband and I share this value: education. We’re both learners, both hungry for more, both refusing to grow complacent once we’ve acquired a certain degree of knowledge, or simply a certain degree. We’re also perfectionists in some respect, because we’re not satisfied with where we’re at intelectually, spiritually and emotionally. Add physically and relationally in there, too.

Because we value education for ourselves, we value investing in the education of others. It makes sense that I’m currently working at a University, doesn’t it?

Back to books. Where do they fit in?

Books are the most easily available education tool. Whatever you want to learn, whatever you need help with, whatever area you want to master – there’s a book that can guide along the way, or give you the necessary basic knowledge to build on.

Books open doors. Whoever you are, wherever in the world you live and whatever time in your life you are, if you want to learn something new, peek into another person’s brain and world, you can pick up a book.

Books are empowering.You don’t have to conform to your state in life, you don’t have to depend on what others tell you to do – as long as you are able to pick up a book and grow wiser because of it, you have the chance to change your circumstances.

Now I realize that his might sound like a bit of a pep talk. But if you stop and think about it, lives have been changed by education over the centuries, lives have been altered by books. Whether good or bad, I’m not one to decide, but the impact cannot be ignored. Because I value education, books are big in my life.

By way of conclusion, here’s a quote by Mark Twain:


Books are only as valuable as what you learn from them.

What are you thoughts on this? I’d be glad to hear them.


3 thoughts on “Is Reading a Value?

  1. I think my most favorite reading is classics or just literature (fiction I guess). My friend-librarian is saying that such books give you the foundation of education, on which you can build the rest. You can learn about different people and destinies, situations in life in which you will never find yourself in. They add up to the development of the soul, maybe not in the obvious way though.


    1. I totally agree with you and your librarian friend! I think fiction can teach us a great deal, especially because it’s done in subtle ways.


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