Bookworm on Instagram


Any of you fellow bookworms on Instagram?

I’m quite hooked. I like how Instagram makes me realise that every moment is a treasure. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I have to take a picture of EVERY SINGLE MOMENT and instagram it (however tempting!) Somehow, it’s taught me that there are so many picture-worthy moments in my life – and I’m very grateful for it.

I’m eputina on Instagram, so please find me there.

Here’s what to expect if you follow me.


What I read, what I’m planning to read, a paragraph I liked, or other reading-related photos. I also post some of the quotes and pics I usually have on Gribook Creative FB Page.

Snippets of Klaipeda

Beautiful skies, the Baltic sea, and some of the town’s architecture – and of course, weather reports.

Snippets of Life

Including a sneak peak into my job at LCC, and life here, as well as food – Lithuanian, Moldovan, International and all in between.

Yours Truly

I like colours, and it’s pretty easy to spot in my outfits. Every now and then, you’ll see a little bit of me (including pics of me taking pictures for Gribook Creative). And there’s the odd photo of both me and hubby – when we find someone to take a photo.

Bits and Pieces

Little joys of life, like flowers and coffee and cards. Pictures from our travels and such.

Remember how I was telling you I’m experimenting with the visual side of books/reading? Well, my Instagram’s part of this experiment, so join me for the ride!

P.S. There’ll be pics of my new Kindle Paperwhite coming soon,  so this is a good time to make up your mind and press that follow button!


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